Shadovia: Best Dracometeor Stun Build Guide

Keep enemies in place with this stun build!

Having a kit that can stun is a great way to navigate through the perilous forests and dungeons of Roblox Shadovia. With challenging bosses that can pack a punch, to quests that take you far and wide across the huge map in the game, being able to stun your opponent is great for positioning yourself in battle or making a break for it.

Best Dracometeor Stun Build Guide

Multiple environments in Shadovia will challenge players. To eliminate mobs and bosses in the game, it’s wise to build a kit that can effectively incapacitate your opponent.

In this article, we talk about the best Dracometeor stun build guide for Roblox Shadovia. Here are the items and skills you need for this kit:

Seaking Crown

The Seaking Crown is a Transcendent rarity headpiece that offers a formidable range of stats. You can get this item by crafting it or by beating the Seaking.

  • +20 Defense
  • +25% Damage
  • Attacks inflict the Slow status
Seaking boss fight in Roblox Shadovia.

Cata Ninja Set

The Cata Ninja Set is a set of torso and leg gear that can be obtained through crafting, accomplishing the Ninja Master Quest, or from Dojo drops. The set offers the following stats:

  • 20 Stamina
  • +6 Defense
  • 2.5% Lifesteal

Seascale Shield

The Seascale Shield is a Transcendent rarity equippable that can be obtained by beating the Seaking or by crafting. This item offers the following stats:

  • +30% Attack Speed
  • +12 Defense

Grand Noble Ring/Noble Ring

The Grand Noble Ring can be obtained from the shop for 3.5 million, and the Noble Ring can be bought for 35K in the Vamp Shop.

The Noble Ring should be enough, as it offers the following, but if you can afford the Grand Noble Ring then it would be better to splurge on it.

  • +0.20 Health Regeneration
  • +2 Defense
  • Increases Attack Speed momentarily when Healed

The Grand Noble Ring offers the following:

  • +0.50 Health Regeneration
  • +4 Defense
  • Increases Attack Speed momentarily when Healed
  • Provides any-time access to the noble rotation, as well as improved stock.
Grand Noble Ring stat list in Roblox Shadovia.

Malevolent Binded Curse

The Malevolent Binded Curse can be obtained from the Elder Crocs Questline. This offers the following:

  • +12 Armor Pierce
  • +12% Charge Attack Power

Slime King Crown

The Slime King Crown can be obtained through bosses. This requires a bit of RNG, with a 0.5% drop rate from beating the Slime King, and a 5% drop rate from beating the Slime Queen.

For more details, make sure to check out dedicated guide on how to get the Slime King Crown in the game. The Slime King Crown offers the following stats:

  • +25% Health
  • 25% Damage
  • +2 Speed

Drakometeor Staff

The Drakometeor Staff is this build’s bread and butter. It’s a legendary rarity weapon which you can get by defeating the Drakobloxxer Boss on a 10% drop rate. It offers the following stats:

  • +297 Melee Power
  • -45 % Cooldown Time
  • +60 % Charge Speed
Count Vermillion boss fight in Roblox Shadovia.

And that sums up all the elements for this Best Dracometeor Stun Build Guide for Roblox Shadovia. Note that because this is a stun build, DPS output will be sacrificed for Attack speed.

This is an excellent build for keeping enemies immobile and has been found to even be effective against Count Vermillion on hard mode. But if stunning isn’t for you, you can also try a Kingsbane build for the best-charged attacks!

We hope this guide helps you with your stun build in Shadovia, and feel free to leave a comment below!

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