BEAR (Alpha): How to Get the “DAYS”, “1”, and “THE ALMIGHTY” Badges

The Greedy Bear will show up in our nightmares..

BEAR (Alpha) is a Roblox multiplayer survival horror game that was released in 2019. The game has a really interesting lore and new badges that dropped recently with quests that further explores the lore. Stick around and we’ll show you how to get the “DAYS”, “1”, and “THE ALMIGHTY” Badges in Bear (Alpha)!

How to Get the “DAYS”, “1”, and “THE ALMIGHTY” Badges

This guide will show you how to get 3 of the new badges that just released on Bear Alpha. So, without further ado, keep reading for a comprehensive guide on how to acquire each of them. 

The “DAYS” badge

First off, let’s spawn into the lobby. Go into the room that looks like it has a never ending pit and jump into that pit.

Lobby in BEAR (Alpha)

You’ll fall onto a platform that’s attached to stairs. Walk down those stairs into a Red Room under the lobby. 

Red room under lobby in BEAR (Alpha)

At the corner should be a key. Grab the key and reset. 

Key in red room in BEAR (Alpha)

When you reset, you’ll be back in the lobby. This time, something will be different. You’ll find a door in the lobby that wasn’t there previously. 

Door in lobby in BEAR (Alpha)

Enter the door that glows white. You should next be spawned into a dim room with multiple doors. 

dim room in BEAR (Alpha)

Find the room with a computer. It shouldn’t be hard to find. Instead of fully entering the rooms, just peek into the room and then look into the next. 

Laptop in BEAR (Alpha)

When you do, approach the computer or laptop. When you go to the computer, you are awarded the “DAYS” badge. Congratulations! However, we’re not done yet. Now, let’s look at how to get the “1” badge.

The “1” Badge

When you get the “Days” badge, a green orb should appear. If it hasn’t shown up for you yet, then rejoin and try again. 

Green orb in BEAR (Alpha)

Walk toward the green orb and you should be transported to another dim room with a head of a green creature waiting for you at the end of the path.

Lagoon in BEAR (Alpha)

Approach the creature and talk to him. The creature’s name is Lagoon and he’ll tell you his entire plan about rising up in this world and becoming leaders. He’ll also ask you to join and help him. Up next, you should agree and say “Yes.”

Now, Lagoon should transport you into another location. 

Tunnel with a river in BEAR (Alpha)

Now, you’re in a room with a flowing river. Go straight and turn left at the end of the tunnel like place. You’ll see Lagoon waiting for you when you turn left. Just walk past him and go to the room with the Mona Lisa Paintings

Room with Mona Lisa paintings in BEAR (Alpha)

Wait until Lagoon says he will invite some of your friends. He will summon a big bear and a whale. There will be a bit of dialogues in between, so you can read through them if you want to be updated with the lore. 

Your friends summoned by Lagoon in BEAR (Alpha)

Soon, Lagoon will leave you guys in the room stranded. Your friends will panic and the whole room will collapse and fall into Lava. 

Ground collapsing in BEAR (Alpha)

But don’t worry because this is all part of the sequence and you’re on the right path to getting your badge. The screen will turn green, and you should finally get your “1” Badge

Rightfully deserved after going through those scary events! Now, onto “THE ALMIGHTY” badge.


To get this badge, you will have to relive your nightmares and speak to Lagoon again. So, go back to the same room where you initially met Lagoon and approach him once again.

He’ll ask you to join him once again, but we remember his actions and we know that he is a traitor. So, this time we’ll turn him down and say “No”.

Lagoon in BEAR (Alpha)

He’ll even trick you into saying “Yes”, so watch out and dodge the choices! When you successfully turn him down, Lagoon will get really angry and summon a boss with 4k HP to fight you.

Boss fight in BEAR (Alpha)

The boss has 2 phases and I’ll tell you how to defeat him. 

How to Defeat the Boss

Here are some tips to follow when in battle with the boss:

  • Shoot at the red hand to make it go away and not attack you. 
Boss fight in BEAR (Alpha)
  • You will be equipped with two guns. The green one does greater damage but you still should use both. 
  • Some attacks have a unique sound so pay attention to the sounds. If you hear something near you, run to evade the attack. 
  • If your HP is less than 50, you’ll find some green orbs. Those green orbs will regenerate HP, so make sure to catch them. 
  • Save your stamina.

At this point, the red hand should be preparing to attack with a laser, so dodge to the side. After the red, there will be a purple hand. The purple hand will keep following you as you run away but make sure to keep running no matter what. 

Purple hand Boss fight in BEAR (Alpha)

If it’s near to catching you, spam space bar. Keep an eye on the red hand as well and shoot at it. Keep all of the above tips in mind, keep evading by jumping over or dodging to the sides and keep attacking. At 1500 HP, phase 2 starts.

Boss fight in BEAR (Alpha)

At this point, the boss will be angrier, and the incoming attacks are faster and more aggressive. So, you need to keep up and fasten your pace with dodging and shooting. It’s very important to keep a close eye on your surroundings because attacks will be incoming from all directions.  Avoid the pink spiral lasers and the hand laser that slide across the room as well. 

Boss fight in BEAR (Alpha)

Attacks will even come at you simultaneously. At 900 HP, the boss will launch a giant laser toward the center so be wary of that.

Boss fight in BEAR (Alpha)

The purple hand will also summon mutated monsters called “Greedy Bears” toward you. Instantly kill them with your green gun but make sure to aim for the head only. Aiming anywhere else will cause your shots to hit the floor.

Greedy bear Boss fight in BEAR (Alpha)

Follow these tips, stay alert and don’t rush! That’s how you defeat the boss and earn “THE ALMIGHTY” badge! Winning all three badges will successfully get you “the Greedy bear” as a congratulations for all of that hard work.

Greedy bear in BEAR (Alpha)

You can test it out and it’ll look exactly like the bear you fought off. 

Greedy bear skin in BEAR (Alpha)

So, don’t forget to have fun with it. While you’re here also check out the All Rare Skins Guide in BEAR (Alpha)!


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