Lethal Company: Where To Pickup Orders From Terminal

Why’s it always so hard to pick up my packages?

Terminal in Lethal Company

New players of Lethal Company might find it difficult to figure out where to get their orders when they make one from the Terminal. In the sheer chaos of the game, especially if you’re playing with a loud crew, it can be confusing to navigate the map and find the pod with all your coveted orders. In this guide, we’ll teach you what to look out for to pick up your orders.

Pickup Orders from Terminal in Lethal Company

Orders come in pods that drop down from the sky when you are on a moon. You’ll need to listen for the pod, and typically this will always be within hearing distance from the ship. The pod will look like a rocket as seen in the photo below. Interact with the pod and get your coveted items.

Pickup Orders from Terminal in Lethal Company

Some things to note about making orders in Lethal Company include:

  • If you make multiple orders they will be combined into one pod.
  • It takes one planetary hour for the drop pod to land.
  • Don’t make too many orders. This will cause the game to bug and you won’t receive your order at all.
  • You have one game hour to receive the drop pod.
  • If you don’t receive the pod in time, the pod will despawn. Note that you get a refund for your order. By this point, you’ll need to make another order and pay for the items again.

And that’s all for our guide on how to pick up orders from the terminal in Lethal Company. If you want to use the Terminal to its best capacity, make sure you know the Terminal commands you can use and how to open doors to help your crew survive in the great unknown.

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