Bedwars: Fastest Way to Finish All Evelynn Contracts

Complete all of these contracts in a short period of time!

The latest update of Roblox’s BedWars added contracts for the Evelynn kit, which is an aggressive fighter set that can utilize teleportation abilities. In this guide, we’ll talk about the objectives you will need to finish in order to complete the contracts and some ways you can speed up the tedious process.

Fastest Way to Finish All Evelynn Contracts

To be very blunt, there is no real shortcut to finishing all of Evelynn Contracts due to the requirements. Before we get to some of the tips, here are the different tiers and objectives for each of them:

  • Tier 1 (Kit Mastery Emote) – 3 Wins
  • Tier 2 (Evelynn Dagger Emote) – 20 Kills
  • Tier 3 (Lucky Crate) – 10 Wins
  • Tier 4 (Spirit Dagger Lobby Gadget) – 20 Wins and 50 Kills
  • Tier 5 (Evelynn Hearts Emote) – 150 Kills
  • Tier 6 (Dragged Under Kill Effect) – 300 Kills and 40 Wins
  • Tier 7 (Lucky Crate) – 500 Kills and 70 Wins
  • Tier 8 (Top Assassin Emote) – 750 Kills, 15 Dash Kills, and 300 Dashes
  • Tier 9 (Evelynn Title) – 100 Wins
  • Tier 10 (Haunted Spirit Assassin Win Effect) – 1500 Kills and 150 Wins

For most of these, you will have to be using the Evelynn kit, so make sure that you have it before you even try to do any of these tasks.

Bedwars evelynn contract reward preview screen showing the first challenge tier

Tips For Fast Completion

While playing normally will allow you to finish it eventually, you can speed up the grind by having a friend help you secure kills and wins. If you’re confident in soloing, you can try that route too.

If you need some pointers in winning, check out our guide on how to PVP in Roblox Bedwars. Just remember that you must use the Evelynn Kit to finish all of the contracts.

Another tip is to rush your neighbor for a second base and start spawn camping players that seem to be easy targets. It may be a bit mean to do it against new players, but this is the way to get the job done quickly.

Rush for diamonds and emeralds as well, as this will allow you to purchase upgrades that will improve your kill farming efficiency. Specifically, get the diamond armor and sword as fast as possible.

Bedwars player spawn camping other evelynn users to progress the contract

And those are pretty much all of the tips we can give you for these straightforward objectives. If you can get someone to willingly help you farm kills on them, even better. If you’re done with the contracts and want to try out a different kit, check out our guide on the Lian Kit in Roblox Bedwars.


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