Psychonauts 2: Hollis’ Classroom Mind Puzzle Solution

Make Hollis a rich woman!

What could be more fun than changing people’s minds? And by that, I mean jumping around, connecting different thoughts to make other individuals get to a conclusion! Ok, maybe we didn’t think of the same thing here, but the point is that Psychonauts 2 gives us the opportunity to do really fun events and missions that could make you sometimes literally laugh out loud. At this moment in time, we’ll talk about an easier problem, which is Hollis’ one, and how to get to the bottom of it.

Hollis’ Classroom Mind Puzzle Solution – Psychonauts 2

So Hollis has entered a trance because of her fear of death. To solve this little problem that she is facing, you’ll just need to change her mind. Give her a better thing to think about.

To do this, you’ll have to start connecting the “Risk” thought bubble with the “Money” bubble using your mind connecting tool. You know the one.

If you can’t find the “Money” thought bubble, remember that you can connect to the little grey dots in between thoughts.

Once you’ve selected the “Risk” thought, go through every dot around to the right until you see “Money” right behind her blackboard, as shown in this picture below:

Once they are connected, she will snap out of it and start going a bit crazy over money. Actually, she will start thinking of an alarming number of ways to make money.

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