Best ADC For Late Game – League Of Legends

Who shines the most in the late game?

The AD carry is one of the most crucial roles in League of Legends. They are vulnerable characters that mostly need protection from their support and team. However, they can also dish out consistent damage throughout team fights in League of Legends. 

Best Late Game ADC – League of Legends

When it comes to the late game, most ADCs shine. They become the primary target of the enemy team due to their long-range AD. Most of the time, the enemy team who loses their AD carry first will lose the fight entirely. 

Even though they can be vulnerable, their AD in the late game is crucial. Some ADC champions are better than others when it comes to late gameplay. You can find the list below. 

  • Jinx is the top one on our list because, in the late game, she outranges Caitlyn with her Q. In the team fights, she can deal AoE damage to the enemy team with proper positioning and her rockets. She can also gain movement speed from her passive resets. 
  • Vayne is the second tier on our list because of her W. She can deal true damage and easily defeat tanks. Vayne can also 1v1 on the sidelines which most ADCs cannot do. 
  • The third one on our list is Caitlyn. Caitlyn is a great ADC for objective control due to her traps. In the late game, objectives like the Elder Dragon and the Baron are incredibly important. 
  • Twitch will be the fourth one on the list because of his ultimate. His ultimate can increase his range and deal AoE damage to enemies. Twitch can also catch people off-guard in the late game due to his stealth. 
  • Lastly, the fifth-best ADC for the Late game is Kog’Maw. Kog’Maw has bonus damage based on the maximum HP of the enemy, which makes him great for shredding tanks late game. 

When Late Game comes in League of Legends, your positioning as an ADC is crucial. Getting caught by the enemy can easily make you lose the game or put your team behind.

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