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Aphelios is a powerful yet complex ADC in League of Legends.

There are a lot of choices for ADC characters in League of Legends. However, what sets Aphelios apart is his unique set of skills that differ from most champions. This guide will show you the best runes to take, items to build, and how to play Aphelios in League of Legends. 

Aphelios Guide – League of Legends

Aphelios is an ADC or an ADR character, which roughly translates to Attack Damage Carry or Attack Damage Range. These characters can deal consistent auto-attack damage throughout team fights and is the most important role in the team. 

Normally, champions in League of Legends have multiple skills on their Q, W, E, and their Ultimate, R. However, Aphelios only has his Q, W, and R, his ultimate. When you level up,  you will get three options, and it can be a bit confusing at first. 

Aphelios Weapons

To understand Aphelios better, we need to take a look at his weapons first. Aphelios has 5 weapons, and you can find what each weapon does on the list below.

  • Calibrum (Rifle)(Green): Long-range attacks
  • Gravitum(Cannon)(Purple): Slowing and Immobilizing effects
  • Infernum(Flamethrower)(Blue): Area of Effect
  • Severum(Scythe Pistol)(Red): Lifesteal and Movement Speed
  • Crescendum(Chakram)(White): High damage but close range

To change from one gun to another, press W. Each gun will have a set of ammo for each gun on the side. Each attack will consume the ammo for the weapon, and once you deplete all ammo for that weapon, it will change into another gun. Pressing Q will activate the ability of the gun.

Calibrum has the same range as Caitlyn’s auto-attack range. When marked, it becomes the highest auto-attack range in the game, not considering Senna’s stacking range. Use this to catch people off-guard, in combination with the Gravitum, or poke from afar. 

The Gravitum allows you to mark enemies and slow them. If you use your Q on the enemy, it will root them. Infernum is his AoE damage weapon, with autos doing AoE damage. Using your Q on this gun will spout AoE flame on enemies and will interact with the second gun. 

Severum is a gun that allows you to instantly deal damage without regard for the distance. If you activate its ability, you will get extra movement speed. It will combine with your secondary gun as well. Crescendum is a gun that you want to use at short range. This gun and Severum are great for 1v1s.

Best Gun Rotation

When you first start, the default Gun Rotation will be Calibrum>Severum>Gravitum>Infernum and Crescendum. The Ideal Gun Rotation is Calibrum>Gravitum>Infernum>Severum and Crescendum. 

To get this Gun rotation, when you first start, use up all your Severum gun first. This will leave you with Calibrum and Gravitum, which is great for the early game. Use up your Calibrum to get Gravitum and Infernum next.

Use up your Gravitum to get Infernum and Crescendum. After this, use your Infernum up and you will be left with Severum and Crescendum. Use up your Severum and you will have the ideal Gun rotation. 

When you get here, simply finish off your previous guns to continue with the rotation. If you are looking to fight for objectives, you want to get Calibrum and Crescendum. For the late game, the best guns are 


For Runes, the standard would be Fleet Footwork>Overheal>Legend: Bloodline>Cut Down, Use the Domination Tree and choose Taste of Blood>Ingenious Hunter, Offense, Flex, and Defense. 

However, you can also use Press the Attack if you have a good 2v2 match in botlane. 

Item Builds

Your starting items would be Doran’s Blade and potion. Alternatively, you can also use a long sword and a refillable potion. For the core items, you want to go from Galeforce>Boots>Collector. However, if the enemy team has high armor champions, exchange Collector with Lord Dominik’s Regards. 

For the fourth item option, build Infinity Edge.  For the fifth item, you can go Bloodthirster or Guardian Angel. When you level up Aphelios, you level up his stats.
Prioritize leveling up AD, then Lethality, and lastly, Armor Penetration. Depending on the situation, you can interchange the last two.

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