Best PS5 Racing Wheel

Enhance your racing games by getting a racing wheel

Racing wheels are popular among gamers who enjoy racing games because they can provide a more immersive and realistic experience.

Using a racing wheel can make the game feel more like driving a real car, with the ability to turn the wheel and feel the resistance of the road.

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Racing wheels can also provide more precise control over the car, allowing for more accurate steering and better performance in the game.

Overall, using a racing wheel can enhance the enjoyment of playing racing games on the PlayStation 5.

However, there are plenty of choices available on the market and in this article, we will go through some of the best racing wheels for PlayStation5.

Top 5 Best PS5 Racing Wheel

On the PS5, you can play various racing games, but only a few solid racing wheels are available. The Top 5 PS5 Racing Wheels for us are listed below.

Top 5 Best PS5 Racing Wheel Force Feedback Pedals Turning Radius Buy Now
Logitech G923 Present 3 Metal Pedals 900 degrees
Thrustmaster T248 Present 3 Metal Pedals 900 degrees
Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Edition Present 3 Metal Pedals 1080 degrees
PXN V9 None 3 Metal Pedals 900 degrees
Hori RWA Apex None 2 Plastic Pedals 270 degrees
Top 5 Best PS5 Racing Wheel Force Feedback Pedals Turning Radius Buy Now
Logitech G923 Present 3 Metal Pedals 900 degrees
Thrustmaster T248 Present 3 Metal Pedals 900 degrees
Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Edition Present 3 Metal Pedals 1080 degrees
PXN V9 None 3 Metal Pedals 900 degrees
Hori RWA Apex None 2 Plastic Pedals 270 degrees

To learn why you ought to purchase these racing wheels, keep reading below.

Top Pick: Logitech G923

Get the Logitech G923 for the most complete immersion you can hope for. It will truly feel like you are racing in real life thanks to its TRUEFORCE feedback technology. The steering wheels vibrate visibly as the engine revs increase.

It has all of the buttons and controls required for a PS5 setup. For your convenience, the controls can even be modified.

LED rpm indication lights and a 24-point selection dial are present. A complete set of metal pedals is also included when you purchase it. If you get this racing wheel, you can never go wrong.

This is one of the highest-quality racing wheels and the best thing is that it is compatible with PlayStation 5.


  • Affordable compared to others
  • Better TRUEFORCE feedback technology
  • Launch control
  • Customizable buttons


  • Same design and torque output as G29
  • Hard to place on a table

Runner-Up: Thrustmaster T248

One of the top racing wheels for the PlayStation 5 is the Thrustmaster T248. Thanks to its revolutionary HYBRID DRIVE system, you can experience an intense racing game.

On the wheel itself, there is a digital display as well. It also allows you to modify several settings, including the force feedback amount and wheel rotation.

In other words, the Thrustmaster T248 provides a realistic experience with a big enough turning circle and it is also compatible with PS5.

As an interactive racing dashboard, the digital display may also be utilized to show your best lap time, previous lap time, current race position, and many other race-related metrics.

The racing wheel itself and a set of three pedals are also included with the Thrustmaster T248. On the wheels are magnetic gear paddles as well.


  • Great force feedback
  • Magnetic pedals
  • Easy to setup
  • Customizable digital display


  • The brake pedal might be too stiff for others
  • Loud shifters

Great Overall: Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Edition

The Thrustmaster T300 RS GT can play all PS5 titles even though it was designed for the PS4. Whether you are an experienced sim racer or a beginner, this racing wheel is fantastic. Its wheel is composed of metal and has rubber grips all around it.

The wheel’s robust force feedback makes the grips quite useful. The wheel’s rotating range is 1,080 degrees. The buttons and controls required for any PlayStation game are in front of it. There are three metal pedals included in it.

This is one of the few racing wheels that provide such a big turning circle, and although it is a good option, the lack of quality is evident compared to the Logitech G923


  • Strong force feedback
  • 1080 degree rotation
  • Easy to set up


  • The grip on the pedals can be slippery

Value for Money: PXN V9

If you want to improve your racing abilities for PS5 games, the PXN V9 is a wonderful choice. A rotation switch option on the racing wheel lets you select between 270 and 900 degrees of rotation.

Its activation button is under the steering wheel.

All the buttons required for any PS5 game are in front of the wheel. It is simple to set up and has a 3-pedal system. A 6-speed manual shifter is also included, allowing you to immerse yourself in the game fully.

Force feedback, however, is absent. This is a wonderful option if you want a more realistic experience, but considering its price, it offers plenty of options for the money.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Customizable buttons


  • Mostly made up of plastic
  • Does not have force feedback

Budget: Hori RWA Apex

Another older model created for the PS4 is the Hori RWA Apex. It contains clamps to secure it to your desk and an 11-inch steering wheel. Depending on your settings, the wheel offers a range of 180 to 270 degrees of rotation.

Standard PS5 inputs are located in front of the wheel. Force feedback is absent, though. However, it is among the greatest racing wheels without force feedback. The HORI RWA Apex is a fantastic wheel if you’re just getting started.

Investing in a better racing wheel is preferable, especially if it has force feedback for an immersive gaming experience.


  • Multi-system Compatibility
  • Easy to set up
  • Customizable buttons
  • Affordable


  • Plastic wheel rim
  • Plastic pedals
  • Lack of force feedback

To Sum Up

This concludes our list of best-racing wheels for PlayStation 5. We highlighted a variety of options that have different features and characteristics.

If we have to pick one as best, the Logitech G923 is the best choice considering its built quality, force feedback, big turning circle, and PS5 compatibility. After all, this is the racing wheel with the biggest sales on the market, which proves that it is a top choice for PS5 racing.

Or if you want more bells and whistles and a more good-looking racing wheel, choosing the Thrustmaster T248P is the right way to go.

With that said, there are more inexpensive options that will appeal to not-hard-core racing fans. So if you are a casual gamer, the Thrustmaster T300 RS should also be a good choice for you.

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