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How to TURN OFF PS5 Using Mobile App on Phone

Just like magic!

So, you want to know you to turn off your PlayStation 5 with your mobile phone? It’s not that hard. You’ll just need to follow these simple steps. There are applications that you can install and use to turn your phone into a remote for your PS5. If you want to take your accessibility up a notch, this is perfect for you! Without further ado, here’s the things you’ll need to do.

Turn Off PS5 Using Mobile App Steps

The first thing you want to do is download the PS Remote Play & Play Station App. These apps are what you’ll be using to turn your mobile phone into a remote. They can transmit audio and video out as well from your PS5 to your phone, which is great! Though keep in mind that you’ll need a fast internet connection for this to work well.

  1. Sign in with your username and account in the Play Station App.
  2. In the game section on the bottom of the app, click any game you want to play. Click on Play using PS Remote Play. (Make sure that your PS5 and phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi)
  3. Click on the PlayStation button. Hover to home screen then click X.
  4. Once on the home screen, click on the playstation button again and hover to the power options. Click X, then click on turn off PS5.

Here are links for the applications (Android/iOS):

And with that you can successfully turn off your PS5 using your mobile app on phone.

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