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Here are the best PlayStation 5 cases with monitors!

Traveling can be a bit boring at times. You’re going to be going from your house to the airport (or seaport), and you will be sitting for hours until it’s your turn to board your plane or boat.

Those hours can either be boring or exciting. It can be both, but the excitement runs out until you are boarding. And if you are traveling with someone who wants to wait in the airport or seaport hours before your boarding, then you will most likely die of boredom before you can even board your vessel.

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So, what can you do to kill time? Go on your phone and scroll through TikTok? That’s a viable option. Read a book? Definitely helps with building your vocabulary. Play your PlayStation 5? That’s impossible…. or is it?

You may not know it, but there are actually PlayStation 5 travel cases that contain monitors that will let you play Ghost of Tsushima or Ratchet & Clank on your lap.

If you are the type to travel frequently and would like to bring your PlayStation 5 with you wherever you go, then this might just be the type of travel case you should look into. Check out this list of PlayStation 5 travel cases with monitors.

Top 3 PlayStation 5 Portable Travel Case with Monitor

Now before we get ahead of ourselves, I want you to know that these things are not expensive. In fact, they’re almost the same price as a retail PlayStation 5.

Maybe even more. The reason for that is you are buying a portable monitor that is included inside a travel case for a PlayStation 5, which is supposed to be very hard and durable, able to handle heavy hits inside a plane or boat.

These travel cases are not budget-friendly, as they are luxurious items that are meant for those who have a ton of money and are willing to spend money to bring their PlayStation 5 with them.

If you’re still looking into getting a travel case with a monitor for your PlayStation 5, then check out the travel cases you will be seeing in the list.

Best PS5 Travel Case With Monitor Monitor Resolution Carry Method Buy Now
POGA LUX PlayStation 5 Premium Portable Console Travel Case V2 24-inch monitor with 165hz refresh rate 1080p option only Can be carried by its handles or rolled around
Case Club Portable Gaming Station 18.5-inch monitor with standard 60hz refresh rate 768p option only Can only be carried by its handles
Case Club Pro Gaming Station 24-inch monitor with 144hz refresh rate (other options available) 4K, 1080p, and 720p options available Can be carried by its handles or rolled around

1. POGA LUX PlayStation 5 Premium Portable Console Travel Case V2

First on the list is POGA LUX’s PlayStation 5 Premium Portable Console Travel Case. This travel case comes with an AOC monitor that lets you play games in full 1080p HD on a 24” IPS monitor. Not only that, but the monitor is capable of going up to 165hz refresh rate, meaning that if you have updated your PlayStation 5 recently, you should be able to utilize the 120hz refresh rate support.

It can hold a few physical PlayStation 5 games, the PlayStation 5 itself, charging cables, and two DualSense controllers. It also has POGA LUX’s patented air circulation system that prevents the PlayStation 5 from overheating and damaging it.

It is fully compatible with both the disc and digital version of the PlayStation 5. Once you place the PlayStation 5 inside the travel case, you can then connect it to the USB hub that allows you to charge your controllers. You can also plug in the power cable in the back and the HDMI cable to connect it to the monitor. Once that’s done, all that’s left is to start it and play the game.

It also comes with a Bluetooth speaker and a JBL GO 3. While not the best-sounding speaker, it’s better than having to listen to the monitor’s speaker, which is way worse. The travel case can also come in 3 different colors: Black, White, and Desert Taupe. There are not a lot of color options, but you’re only really focused on the travel case with the monitor.

While the travel case is fantastic all around, it is much more expensive than other regular travel cases with monitors. The materials made to make the travel case is understandable, but what makes it so expensive is the fact that the monitor, while only 1080p HD, is 165hz. Monitors with that kind of refresh rate are generally very expensive. There’s also the Bluetooth speaker that’s optional.

But if you want to go for a much cheaper option, you can go for the V1 of the product. It is more or less the same, but the monitor will sport a 144hz refresh rate than the 165hz refresh rate although the max FPS from PS5 is 120hz. You also won’t get the Bluetooth speaker option.

What We Like

POGA LUX’s travel case is a fantastic product that gives off that premium feel to it. Not only that, but it is also well-designed. Being able to carry around your PlayStation 5 is great, but having a monitor that can achieve 1080p with a 165hz refresh rate is nothing short of amazing. You can also get a Bluetooth speaker that is miles better than the monitor speaker. Not great, but still better.

What We Don’t Like

I’ve already established that travel cases with monitors are going to be super expensive, but this one takes the cake. It is the equivalent of buying 2 PlayStation 5’s at retail price. While it is no doubt a great product, it is a luxurious product. And luxury products are always very expensive.


If you’ve got the money to buy something like this, then go ahead and buy it because this is a great travel case to bring with you. It’s stylish and durable, and it comes with a Bluetooth speaker that is a step up from the monitor speaker.


  • Stylish and minimalistic design
  • Monitor is 24” with a refresh rate of 165hz
  • Capable of using the 120hz mode for PlayStation 5
  • Optional Bluetooth speaker (JBL GO 3)
  • Has 3 different color options
  • If the price is too much, then there’s the option for the V1


  • Super expensive, like “2 PlayStation 5 retail price” expensive
POGA LUX PlayStation 5 Premium Portable Console Travel Case V2.

2. Case Club Portable Gaming Station

The next travel case is a little more budget-friendly. The Case Club Portable Gaming Station has a built-in 18.5-inch monitor with speakers that sport a resolution of 768p, which is 1366 x 768.  

It can fit the PlayStation 5 (both physical and digital), two physical PlayStation 5 games, and 1 controller. It also has an exhaust fan that expels hot air out of the case to prevent the PlayStation 5 from overheating.

The shell of the travel case is incredibly hard and thick, able to keep the PlayStation 5 from external damage if the travel case gets kicked or falls over. You are also able to padlock the travel case for extra safety, something the POGA LUX travel case did not have. The travel case is also waterproof, so it’s safe from minor spillage and such (not safe from being submerged in water).

While this travel case seems nice and budget-friendly, it’s because the monitor is less than desirable. The monitor is functioning and will work as intended, but you will be sacrificing visual fidelity due to the low resolution of the monitor. 720p, much less 768p, is a thing of the past.

1080p is the new standard, and having to play PlayStation 5 games on a monitor that isn’t capable of hitting 1080p is a disservice to the console.

The speakers also reflect the quality of the monitor: bad. The sound of the speakers is equivalent to nails on a chalkboard. If you have headphones, use them, because you will most likely get kicked out for using something like this in a public setting.

What We Like

The travel case is a budget-friendly travel case. If you’re not going to be traveling often and only want to have one ready just in case you want to play games while on a trip, then this travel case is for you. It does what is expected out of it and keeps your PlayStation 5 safe from outside harm.

What We Don’t Like

The monitor is what really brings down the quality of this travel case. Everything else about it is nice, but playing PlayStation 5 games on a monitor that can only hit 768p is just an eyesore to you. Not only that, but the monitor speaker sounds awful. Even the POGA LUX monitor speaker is much better sounding than whatever monitor Case Club is using.


Besides the monitor being 768p and the monitor speaker sounding like Sindel screaming in your ear, it’s still a good travel case to get if you’re on a budget. If you don’t travel a lot, I don’t see a reason to purchase a travel case that’s twice as expensive when you can just get this. It’s budget-friendly and you can store it for the next trip you will have in 8 months or so.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable travel case


  • Awful monitor resolution
  • Bad sound from the monitor
  • Only really good if you don’t travel too often
Case Club Portable Gaming Station.

3. Case Club Pro Gaming Station

Case Club gets another go with their Pro Gaming Station. This travel case is miles better than Case Club Portable Gaming Station, as it features a nice 24-inch monitor with 1080p resolution. You can fit in your PlayStation 5 (digital or physical), 2 controllers, and 4 physical PlayStation 5 games. It also includes cooling fans to help your PlayStation 5 avoid overheating.

The monitor is an ASUS and it has an amazing 144hz refresh rate, meaning you can utilize the 120hz support for the PlayStation 5. It has the 1080p resolution which is miles better than anything below 1080p. It also incorporates the Adaptive Sync and Extreme Low Motion Blur technology to help give you a sharper and clearer visual instead of the usual muddy visuals of low-end monitors.

It does not, however, come with an external speaker. You will have to utilize the internal speaker of the monitor when you play games. The monitor speaker isn’t that bad, but I would opt for headphones or earphones for better audio quality.

If you want something cheaper or something a little more, then you can opt for the Standard and 4K versions. The Standard and 4K versions are mostly the same. You get a 24-inch monitor and no external speakers. However, the main difference is that the Standard version is 1080p with a 60hz refresh rate, and the 4K version has 4K with a 60hz refresh rate.

However, there may be some issues with the monitor itself and the speakers that you have to look out for. Some have reported that the monitor’s speakers stop working after a while and that the monitor stops showing video when using the 120hz mode on the PlayStation 5. And if it stops working, then you better hope it’s within the 30-day warranty so you can return it.

What We Like

Case Club has really stepped up with the Pro Gaming Station. While the last Case Club lacked mostly the monitor and its speakers, the Pro Gaming Station version fixes those mistakes. It has a bigger monitor, better resolution, and better monitor speakers, and you can opt for the Standard version if you’re looking to save or the 4K version if you want higher graphical fidelity.

What We Don’t Like

The monitor and travel case are great, but the fact that it might stop working randomly is definitely a turn-off for most people. You will never know when your monitor stops working with the 120hz mode or the speakers stop working. It doesn’t instill confidence that the product will remain working as time goes on.


Even if the 120hz mode and speakers have a chance of not working, the product is still great. It’s still playable and you can enjoy playing your games at standard 1080p or 4K.


  • Bigger monitor with better resolution options
  • Incorporates Adaptive Sync and Extreme Low Motion Blur technology for a better visual experience
  • An affordable and reasonable price if you opt for the Standard and Pro versions
  • 120hz mode support for PlayStation 5


  • Some monitors can go dark when trying to do 120hz mode
  • Speakers can stop working after long use
Case Club Pro Gaming Station.


Best PS5 Travel Case With Monitor: POGA LUX PlayStation 5 Premium Portable Travel Case

The POGA Lux PS5 travel case feels more durable and it is definitely made with higher-quality materials. Additionally, it is designed with portable play in mind, in which the issue is cooling down your PlayStation 5.

The POGA Lux case comes with its own uniquely designed air circulation, great pockets for keeping your controllers safe, and of course, an incredible monitor.

It is the most premium product on our list and, therefore the most expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are travel cases with monitors for the PlayStation 5 worth the money?

If you’re the type of person who travels a lot for work, I can see the benefits of being able to carry your PlayStation everywhere you go. You won’t get bored whenever you go anywhere, and you will be able to have some fun with whoever you’re traveling with. But if you’re not the traveling type, then I would save that money for something else.

2. What is the best PlayStation 5 travel case with a monitor?

It is the POGA LUX PlayStation 5 Premium Portable Travel Case

3. Are travel case monitors better than a TV?

Definitely not. While the monitors included in the travel cases are great, a TV usually has a bigger size compared to monitors, thus allowing you to enjoy the PlayStation 5 games better. Even regular computer monitors are better than travel case monitors.

4. Are travel cases waterproof?

Some travel cases are waterproof. It can survive being dunked in water, but if you’re thinking about submerging your travel case with your PlayStation 5 in it to test it, I suggest you don’t. Travel cases can handle a certain amount of water before they start being filled with water. Once it reaches that point, the travel case will start flooding with water, damaging anything that’s in it.


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Best PS5 Travel Case With Monitor Monitor Resolution Carry Method Buy Now
POGA LUX PlayStation 5 Premium Portable Console Travel Case V2 24-inch monitor with 165hz refresh rate 1080p option only Can be carried by its handles or rolled around
Case Club Portable Gaming Station 18.5-inch monitor with standard 60hz refresh rate 768p option only Can only be carried by its handles
Case Club Pro Gaming Station 24-inch monitor with 144hz refresh rate (other options available) 4K, 1080p, and 720p options available Can be carried by its handles or rolled around