Best RGB Lights for Gaming Room

Does your room feel… plain? Maybe it’s a tad too dark for your liking? Well, you can easily light it up with some fancy RGB lights!

RGB lights come in many varieties and have become a popular way to light up rooms and add a unique style. You can really make your room stand out with the right lighting!

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So why settle for a dull and lackluster room when you can easily turn it into a captivating and unforgettable space? With the right RGB lights, your gaming room can truly stand out and become the envy of all who enter!

In this article, we’ll be detailing the top 5 best RGB lights you can get for your gaming room.

Our Recommendation:

Jerritte’s LED strip lights

Jerritte LED Strip Lights 32.8ft, LED Light Strip with Remote App Control, Music Sync Color
Jerritte’s LED strip lights are what most people want when looking for RGB lighting. They’re easy to install LED strips, so they’re ideal for pretty much every room!
Since we are talking about LED strip lights, you can use them on whatever you want. Whether it is to put backlights on your PC, add cool lights on the ceiling, or use them to follow different shapes and patterns.
Best of all, they are smart and you can control them with an app! This LED strip can be synced to music for a cool effect and set on a timer.
Value For Money

Top 5 Best RGB Lights for Gaming Rooms

RGB lights come in a large variety of presentations, be they strips, pucks, or anything else. As such, we looked at some of the best out there and picked an assortment of RGB light types!

If you want to get a heads up on the items we’ll be detailing in this article, just look at this chart below.

Best RGB Ligts for Gaming Room Style Buy Now
Jerritte LED Strip Lights LED Light Strip Rolls (6.56ft / 32.8ft / 50ft / 65.6ft / 100ft / 150ft)
velted RGB Light Bars Light Bar x2
L8star Neon Lights RGB Neon Rope x1 (10ft / 16.4ft)
Fiotura Monitor LED Backlights LED Backlight Set x1 (27in / 32in / 34in)
Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons x7 or x9 / Triangles x7 or x9 / Mini Triangles x12 / Mixed Shapes x12 / Modern Shapes x17
Best RGB Ligts for Gaming Room Style Buy Now
Jerritte LED Strip Lights LED Light Strip Rolls (6.56ft / 32.8ft / 50ft / 65.6ft / 100ft / 150ft)
velted RGB Light Bars Light Bar x2
L8star Neon Lights RGB Neon Rope x1 (10ft / 16.4ft)
Fiotura Monitor LED Backlights LED Backlight Set x1 (27in / 32in / 34in)
Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons x7 or x9 / Triangles x7 or x9 / Mini Triangles x12 / Mixed Shapes x12 / Modern Shapes x17

Best LED Strip: Jerritte LED Strip Lights


Power SourceAC/DC
Light ColorMulticolor
MaterialVinyl, Metal
Connectivity Protocol‎Bluetooth
Number of Light Sources160
Controller Type‎App and Remote control

LED light strips might be the most versatile and common of every RGB light for a room. As such, they earn the first spot on this list!

These LED strips from Jerritte come in a very large variety of sizes, ranging from 6.56ft to 150ft, so they should fit just about every room.

Installation is extremely easy, as these strips come with self-adhesive tape and don’t require any extra accessories or tools.

They come bundled with a controller that you can use to customize them, though you can also use a smartphone app as well. Either way, you’ll get to choose from a large variety of colors and modes!

You can set these lights to any color or brightness you want, or use any of the preset scene color schemes or modes available. We’re particularly fond of the music sync mode!

However, these LED strips feel like they can be somewhat fragile. Maybe not a big deal, considering their low price, but we recommend being careful with them when installing or removing them!


  • A large variety of colors and modes
  • Can be controlled either via a phone app
  • Very easy to install
  • Lots of available sizes
  • Many customization options
  • Pretty cheap


  • Can be somewhat fragile

Best Light Bar: velted RGB Light Bars


Power SourceCorded Electric
Shade ColorMulticolor
Shade MaterialPolycarbonate
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Controller TypeRemote Control
Music SyncYes

Are you more of a light bar person? We’ve got the right thing for you, then! This fancy pair of light bars from velted is a perfect fit for any gaming setup. And yes, “velted” is spelled fully in lowercase.

You can power up these light bars by plugging them in via USB to any power source. Your PC, gaming consoles, or even an AC adapter. Any of them works!

Their size is relatively compact, being about 3.8 square inches wide and 12.7 inches tall, so they can fit anywhere in your setup.

However, there’s no AC adapter included, so you’ll need to get one separately if you want to go that route.

As for their functionality, they’re very colorful and include 8 different dynamic modes. You can customize them either with their included remote or by pressing buttons on the bars themselves.

If you want something a tad plainer, there are also 8 single-color models available! No white light mode, though.

Remember how we said we liked the music sync mode from the previous item on this list? The music sync modes from these light bars are even better!


  • Can be powered up via USB
  • Very affordable pricing
  • Has 8 different dynamic modes
  • Can be controlled via its remote or its built-in buttons


  • Doesn’t include a power adapter
  • No white light mode

Best Rope Lights: L8star Neon Lights


Power Source
Corded Electric
Material‎Vinyl, Silicone, Plastic, Metal
Control Method‎App, Remote
FeaturesMusic Sync, Smart Connectivity
Number of Light Sources150

If you want a versatile RGB neon rope, this offering from L8star should fit your needs!

The charm of these rope-like RGB neon lights is that you can bend them to your will. Well, that sounds dramatic, but we mean it!

You can make shapes with them, which will really make your gaming room unique. Installing and modifying the strips is easy, so you can basically make anything you come up with.

Installation is done by using the included set of 10 support clips, 20 screws, and 2 cables.

As for modifying, you can bend the lights however you want as they’re made of a very versatile combination of vinyl, silicone, and plastic.

They also have segments for cutting every 7cms, which allows you to customize their length!

The lights can also be customized using either a phone app or the included remote, as you might expect, though there aren’t too many options. These are single-color strips and there are only 20 static colors.

Nonetheless, their versatility allows for great creativity, and we like that about them!


  • Available in two different sizes
  • Very versatile
  • Can be customized with a phone app or remote
  • More affordable than similar items


  • Only has 20 static colors

Best For PC Gamers: Fiotura Monitor LED Backlights


Power Source‎Corded Electric
Number of Light Sources5050
Compatible PC sizes24/27/32/34 inches
FeaturesScreen and Music Sync
Control MethodApp

PC gamers, we have something special for you! These monitor LED backlights can be connected to your gaming PC and put behind your monitor for some extra pizzazz.

You can get this set of backlights in 3 differently-sized presentations: 27 inches, 32 inches, 34 inches. These measurements are based on the monitor size, so pick the one that’s closest to your monitor size!

Installation is pretty simple, as the light strip is bundled with double-sided adhesives and holders for you to use.

When they’re in place, you just need to plug in the braided USB cable to your PC. You can then use Fiotura’s Skydimo software on your PC to customize the lighting!

These LED lights support a very large amount of customization, with the manufacturer noting that you can use 16 million RGB colors. There are also dynamic modes, such as Music Sync!

Sadly, though, the Skydimo software seems to only be available on Windows PCs! We understand that Windows is the most popular OS, but it’s a shame that Linux and MacOS users are officially left out.


  • Easy installation
  • Extremely customizable thanks to the Skydimo software
  • Supports 16 million RGB colors
  • Can be set to a variety of dynamic modes


  • Only compatible with Windows PCs

For a Futuristic Look: Nanoleaf Shapes


Power SourceCorded Electric
Color Temperature
‎6500 Kelvin
Control MethodApp Control, Amazon Alexa, Voice Control, Touch Control
Connectivity ProtocolWi-Fi
Number of Light Sources‎90
FeaturesMusic Sync, Dimming, and Color-Changing Animations

Want a premium set of RGB lights with a satisfying modern look and feel? Nanoleaf’s Shapes sets might be your best bet!

These shapes lights come in a large variety of sets: the black hexagon and triangle sets (9 pieces), the smarter hexagon and triangle sets (7 pieces), the mixed shapes set (12 pieces), mini triangles set (9 pieces), and the modern set (17 pieces).

Phew, that’s a load of different bundles! The main difference between Smarter and Black sets is that the Black sets are fully black when turned off, while the Smarter sets are white.

We’re most particularly fond of the modern set, which includes a total of 17 pieces; 7 triangles and 10 mini triangles. This set looks the most slick and is quite versatile!

Besides the differences in shapes, these sets all function similarly and are made with the same high-quality LED lights.

Each light supports 16 million RGB colors, as well as a variety of animations and dynamic modes. As you might guess, Music Sync is one of these modes!

Customization is simple enough, you just need to download the Nanoleaf app on your smartphone and connect to the LED lights. Once that’s done, customization is at your fingertips!

Installation is easy as well, as every set comes with all the mounting plates, linkers and adhesives you need to support the lights.

All things considered, our one gripe with these shape sets is that they’re quite expensive! We consider them well worth the money, but they’re not for everyone.


  • Large variety of sets and styles are available
  • Can be set to 16 million RGB colors
  • Easy to install and customize
  • Has a large variety of color animations and dynamic modes


  • Much more expensive than other RGB lights

To Sum Up

There are many types of RGB lights you can put in your gaming room, aren’t there? They each fit a different role, and combining them together might lead to the best results.

Jerritte’s LED strip lights are probably the best starting option for most people. They’re easy-to-install LED strips and can be used for different places in your gaming room. Once, you’ve added the secret lights with the LED strips, you can consider adding more details with other products.

velted’s RGB light bars are something a tad more niche, but also really cool. These light bars are perfect to place near your TV or monitor, and we’re quite fond of their music sync modes.

For those who are more creative, L8star’s neon lights are a fantastic choice. These versatile neon light ropes can be made into any shape you put your mind into, so you can make some really unique displays!

Fiotura’s Monitor LED Backlights are what we recommend for PC gamers, on the other hand. They are perfectly fit to light up your monitor when connected to your PC!

Lastly, Nanoleaf’s Shapes lights are perfect for those seeking a modern look. They’re the fanciest lights on this list, though the price

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is better RGB or RGBW?

For a basic setup with slightly limited color options, then the RGB lights will do just fine. If you want more versatile lights that can be used work the RGB+W, since they include white color.

2. Is RGB harmful to your eyes?

RGB lights are no different than any other light. So, as long as the intensity of visible light is within the safe limits, your eyes will be safe. On top of that, RGB lights might be safer since they don’t produce UV light.

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