Best Video Game Storage Shelves

Keep your physical games safely shelved.

Physical games take up space, especially once your collection starts growing. Keeping all these games around can be a hassle if you don’t have the appropriate storage racks!

There are loads of different racks and shelves out there to pick from, thankfully. Quite a lot of variety too!

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In this article, we’ll tell you all about the top 5 storage racks for your video games.

Top 5 Best Console Video Game Storage Shelves/Tower

Storage racks for modern games are thankfully easy to deal with. Nowadays, all main console games come in the same Blu-Ray cases, making most shelves a sort of “one size fits all” deal. Extremely convenient!

Of course, there are minor variations when it comes to the cases across PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch game cases. Most notably, Switch game cases are somewhat slimmer.

Nonetheless, the cases are pretty similar, especially compared to how things used to be.

As such, we will be using standard Blu-Ray-size cases as our guideline for how many games you can fit into these shelves!

With that little tidbit now in your head, feel free to read the following chart to know the basics of the racks and shelves we’ll cover in this article.

Best Video Game Storage Shelves Max Capacity (Blu-Ray Cases) Dimensions in Inches Style Buy Now
Atlantic Typhoon Media Storage Spinner 168 11.88″D x 11.88″W x 37.75″H Rotating Vertical Shelf
ADZ Universal Game Storage Tower 18 4.72″D x 7.36″W x 14.57″H Vertical Shelf
Skywin Game Storage Tower 10 Unlisted Vertical Shelf
You Have Space Floating Shelves 36 per shelf (108 total) 34.2″L x 4″D x 6.2”H Wall-Mounted Shelf x3
Atlantic Maxsteel 8-Tier Storage Shelving 264 5.75″D x 23.62″W x 48.75″H Shelving
Best Video Game Storage Shelves Max Capacity (Blu-Ray Cases) Dimensions in Inches Style Buy Now
Atlantic Typhoon Media Storage Spinner 168 11.88″D x 11.88″W x 37.75″H Rotating Vertical Shelf
ADZ Universal Game Storage Tower 18 4.72″D x 7.36″W x 14.57″H Vertical Shelf
Skywin Game Storage Tower 10 Unlisted Vertical Shelf
You Have Space Floating Shelves 36 per shelf (108 total) 34.2″L x 4″D x 6.2”H Wall-Mounted Shelf x3
Atlantic Maxsteel 8-Tier Storage Shelving 264 5.75″D x 23.62″W x 48.75″H Shelving

Best Overall: Atlantic Typhoon Media Storage Spinner

Our overall recommendation is this spinning shelf from Atlantic. Its unique design allows it to hold a large amount of games without taking up much space!

The Typhoon can be rotated 360 degrees, which allows you to store games in the front and back. It’s quite convenient, as this keeps its size compact enough while still allowing a large collection.

How large, you ask? This shelf can hold a total of around 168 Blu-Ray cases, which makes it perfect for gamers who like keeping a sizeable collection of physical media.

Mind you, that’s a huge amount of Blu-Ray cases considering the dimensions for this rack: 11.88″D x 11.88″W x 37.75″H. It’s all thanks to the spinning base!

The overall build quality feels pretty solid thanks to its engineered wood and steel rod construction. Similarly, the spinning base works as well as it’s intended to.

Pricing is also very fair, all things considered!

But, there’s always a catch. In this case, it’s the assembly process. Building this shelf can be quite a challenge, so we would be lying if we called it easy.

A lot of the pieces are unlabelled and the instructions aren’t as clear as we would like, which really complicates the process. Make sure you’ve got the time and patience for it!


  • Great storage while saving space
  • Can hold a very large amount of games
  • High-quality build
  • Fair pricing


  • Assembly can be challenging

Atlantic Typhoon Media Storage Spinner, Engineered Wood, Space-Saving 360-Degree Rotation, Organize & Protect Prized Media & Memorabilia

Best Compact Rack: ADZ Universal Game Storage Tower

If you don’t need a large amount of storage and want to save space, this compact shelf might be your best bet.

This compact shelf is made with a thermoplastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), feels quite sturdy, and is designed to hold 18 Blu-Ray-sized cases.

How compact are these shelves? Well, here are the official dimensions: 4.72″D x 7.36″W x 14.57″H. As you can see, they’re tiny! They barely reach the knees of an average-height person.

It doesn’t allow for much storage, of course, but it’s perfect for gamers with smaller collections.

You can also expand it later on, as these shelves can dock into each other at the top and bottom. With their powers combined, they’ll hold more games!

It’s easy to assemble and install anywhere you wish, as well. Plus, you can basically fit it anywhere due to its compact form factor.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be good for Nintendo Switch games, though. Switch game cases are slimmer than PlayStation or Xbox, as we mentioned before. This makes the games end up sliding off, as the slots are too large for them.


  • Easy assembly
  • Very well made
  • Perfect if you only need a small shelf
  • Multiple shelves can be combined


  • Not recommended for Nintendo Switch games
Universal Game Storage Tower – Stores 18 Game or Blu-Ray Disks – Game Holder Rack for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series XS, Nintendo Switch Games

Best for Nintendo Switch: Skywin Game Storage Tower

Did the previous item disappoint you with its lack of proper support for Switch games? Maybe this alternate shelf can make up for it!

This storage tower from Skywin is a perfect all-in-one storage center for your Switch. Not only can it hold up to 10 games, it can also hold the console and its controllers. Extremely handy!

The sides have holders for up to 4 Pro controllers, a small tray at the bottom can store 2 pairs of Joycons, and the top allows you to dock your Switch.

Of course, the middle portion is a shelf that allows you to store up to 10 Nintendo Switch games! Though you can also fit regular Blu-Ray-sized cases such as the PlayStation or Xbox ones as well.

Everything should be held safely, too! It feels quite sturdy and well-made, no complaints there.

Dimensions aren’t listed officially anywhere, but we can tell you that it’s quite compact. It’s even smaller than the ADZ shelf we talked about previously!

The downside to all this is that it only holds 10 games. That’s a very small amount, though this shelf would be a perfect complement to another larger one!


  • Can hold up to four Pro controllers on the sides
  • Has trays to store two pairs of Joycons
  • Has space to dock the Nintendo Switch console
  • Very high-quality build


  • Doesn’t hold many games
Skywin Game Storage Tower for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Switch Game Holder Game Disk Rack and Controller Organizer

Best Wall-Mount: You Have Space Floating Shelves

Mounting your racks on the wall can really save you space while giving you convenient storage. We know that, so we also offer you this set of floating shelves from You Have Space!

This is a set of 3 identical shelves that are ready to be mounted on walls, either horizontally or vertically. A single shelf can hold up to 36 Blu-Ray-sized cases, which means all three can hold a total of 108 cases.

They look quite nice when set up, so they make for a sweet display of your collection as well!

Each shelf is made of strong metal, so they feel quite sturdy. They should hold up well once you mount them on your walls, for sure.

It’s the mounting itself that is the biggest hurdle, though!

The included tool isn’t particularly great and the screw holes are in inconvenient places. It can be hard to maneuver the screws just right to mount each shelf, so you’ll need to be patient!


  • Versatile, can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Lots of storage when counting all three shelves
  • High-quality build, feels sturdy
  • Can save space compared to standing shelves


  • Mounting can be complicated
You Have Space Black Floating Shelves for Wall, 34 Inch Video Games CD DVD Storage Shelves, Cube Storage Organizer

Most Storage: Atlantic Maxsteel 8-Tier Storage Shelving

Avid game collectors, don’t fret! We have a shelf just for you. This shelf is sure to be enough for anyone with a large collection.

This shelf from Atlantic can house a total of 264 Blu-Ray-sized discs by itself. That’s quite a large collection!

Of course, that does mean this is also the largest on this list by far: 5.75″D x 23.62″W x 48.75″H.

Its height is much shorter than the average person, though, so they’re still a good size for everyone.

The build is extremely sturdy, owing to its use of heavy gauge steel. It shouldn’t have any trouble withstanding the weight of a full game collection!

It’s not hard to assemble, either, so you shouldn’t have much trouble getting it all ready. You don’t need to be an expert to build this one, as the instructions are clear enough.

Pricing does lean towards being expensive, however, unless you manage to grab it during a sale. Nonetheless, it’s definitely worth the price if you have loads of gamers!


  • Extremely high-quality build
  • Can store a massive amount of games
  • Perfect for hardcore gamer collectors
  • Easy to assemble and install


  • Expensive when not on sale
Atlantic Maxsteel 8-Tier Heavy Gauge Steel Wire Storage Shelving, holds up to 440 CD; or 228 DVD; or 264 Blu-RayVideo Game discs

To Sum Up

Atlantic’s Typhoon is our overall recommendation because it strikes a perfect balance. It doesn’t take up much space, it’s affordable, and it can house a lot of games. Assembly is definitely a pain, though!

For those with smaller collections, ADZ’s game storage tower might be enough. It’s compact and well-made, but it seems to have trouble keeping Switch game cases in place.

On the other hand, Skywin’s storage tower is perfectly made for the Nintendo Switch! Not only can it hold 10 games, it can store the entire system as well. Ten games is a small amount, though.

For those who prefer wall mounts, You Have Space’s floating shelves are perfect. They’re well-made, versatile, and can store a large amount of games. Mounting them requires some patience, however!

Lastly, Atlantic’s Maxsteel 8-Tier storage shelving is our pick for those of you who have massive collections of games and movies. The only bad thing about is it that it might be expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best way to store video games?

The best way to store video games is on bookshelves, disk towers, and storage cabinets.

2. Are video game shelves safe?

Yes. Most of the video game shelves or bookshelves are perfectly safe for keeping you games safe. Make sure you install the shelves properly in order to be able to support the weight of your video games.


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