Black Clover M: 2024 Summon Guide | Who To Save & Summon Next

Should you save or should you spend?

Black Clover M is a fun mobile gacha game that is based off of the popular anime franchise of the same name, Black Clover M. Right now, we are reaching near the end of the season for Global players, so a lot of players are looking forward to the next season that is coming up soon.

But the big question is: who is going to be in the next season? And how is worth summoning? Or maybe it’s time to save? In this guide, I will show you the possible new characters that will appear in season 4 and tell you if they are worth it or not.

2024 Summon Guide | Who To Save & Summon Next

Season 3 Exclusive Characters

While nothing has been confirmed about which characters will be summonable in season 3 for Global users, we can deduce which are going to be there by checking out the JP servers.

In the JP servers, we can see that the season 4 exclusive characters are Fuegoleon, Jack, and Charlotte in their Clover Academy attires.

These units have already been previously released before in JP servers, so we have plenty of information to go on about how they’re like.

For more details, you can check out this dedicated article about the Season 3 Exclusive characters and our speculations.

However, do bear in mind that this is based off of old information from JP servers. There is a possibility that when the new season drops with the update, there may be some tweaks and updates to the characters in the game.

Fuegoleon (Clover Academy) screen in Black Clover M.

Are The Season 3 Exclusive Characters Worth It?

As stated before, we will have Fuegoleon, Jack, and Charlotte in their Clover Academy attires as the season 3 Global exclusive units that will be summonable.

But the big question here is: are they all worth it? According to players who have tried out these characters in the JP servers, many are recommending people to skip Fuegoleon and Jack.

Some have stated that Jack is the worst of the worst, being so incredibly weak with a horrible kit that it’s hard to win any hard fights.

And while Fuegoleon is recommended to be skipped, he’s not as a bad as Jack. His kit is still pretty good and great in certain situations, but not a lot of people can see him be good at all times.

That leaves Charlotte, which many people are recommending getting. According to players who have tried Charlotte, her ultimate alone makes her worth summoning for, due to it granting all characters Counterattack.

If you know how good Counterattack is, then you know why people are crazy for this Charlotte.

Charlotte (Clover Academy) ultimate skill in Black Clover M.

Possible Mid Season 3 Characters

Now, just like with Kahono and Kiato, there is a possibility we might get more characters that will be available in the whole game instead of just being exclusive to season 3.

These characters are Yuno (Golden Dawn), Vetto (Despair), Gueldre Poizot, and Langris Vaude. Again, it is possible that these characters may drop, but it not confirmed yet.

Among these possible characters, Yuno is the one that a lot of people are recommending summoning when he is available.

This is due to the fact that when he is paired with Asta (Black) and other Power type units, Yuno shines as a debuffer as he helps his teammates deal even more damage to the enemy team.

Yuno screen in Black Clover M.

Possible Season 4 Characters

Now the last bit of information for now is that we might have these possible units for season 4. We will have Noelle and Charmy in their Halloween attires as season 4 exclusive summon characters.

Originally, they were released during Halloween in the JP servers. But since Halloween is still pretty far for Global users, season 4 is likely to be changed from a Halloween theme to a costume party theme.

Many have spoken out about how Noelle and Charmy are quite possibly the best characters to come out right now with the two of them in S+ and S tier with the community tier list.

It is definitely good to save up for both of these characters if you are looking to have powerful units in your team.

And if you’re just starting out in the game, you should check out this tier list that shows you the best mages for PvE and PvP so you can get a good head start in the game.

Noelle (Halloween) screen in Black Clover M.

That’s all you need to know about the summon guide so far in 2024 for Black Clover M. Did this guide help you understand what you need to do and who you want to summon in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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