Black Clover M: Complete Kahono Guide & Build | Skills, Gear & Talents

Where Kiato goes, Kahono follows.

Black Clover M is a mobile gacha game that is based on the popular anime franchise of the same name, Black Clover. With the nature of this game, it’s normal for characters to come in if they were not part of the initial roster.

Currently, the game has received an update that makes some changes to make the game better. But not only that, but it also added a few characters.

One of them which being Kahono. In this guide, I will be showing you a complete guide for Kahono, as well as the best way to build her in the game.

Complete Kahono Guide & Build

In this guide, I will be explaining how Kahono works. From her skills and talents before moving on how to build her efficiently to be a great unit.


Kahono is an SSR water type unit. She has 4 skills to use, like all other characters in the game. She is a Healer character and just like her class says, she will primarily be a healer or barrier character in your team. Essentially, she is a support character.

Here are the skills you should take note:

  • Destructive Beat
    • Sends out a sound wave filled with mana to cause damage to a single enemy
      • Grants the ally with the lowest HP [Continuous HP Recovery] equal to 4% of their maximum HP for 4 turn(s)
  • Rhythm Barrier
    • Uses her Song Magic to create a barrier around all of her allies that encourages them and grans all of them a buff
      • Grants all allies an [Barrier] equal to 14% of max HP for 2 turn(s)
      • Grants all allies [Increased DEF Lv. 2] for 2 turn(s)
      • Grants all allies [Increased HP Recovery Lv. 2] for 2 turn(s)
  • Healing Lullaby
    • Using her Song Magic, Kahono will play a beautiful melody that heals and buffs all allies
      • Grants all allies an [HP Recovery] equal to 20% of max HP
      • Grants all allies [Increased All ATK Lv. 2] for 2 turn(s)
  • Combined Attack
    • When partnered with someone, they will perform a Combined Attack with the partner on a single enemy
      • Grants the partner an [HP Recovery] equal to 20% of max HP
      • Grants the partner [Increased All ATK Lv. 5] before the attack
Kahono's skills in Black Clover M.


Like other Healers, Kahono is only at her best when her gear set is focused around surviving.

  • With that in mind, she will need HP and DEF gear to help her tank some of the attacks that can bring down your units with ease.
  • Speed is also good, as it will allow Kahono to make her move faster and heal other units that need it.

Since you will only have 6 gear slots, you will need to use 2 gear pieces for HP, DEF, and Speed. But if you feel like you don’t need that extra Speed gear, you can substitute it for either an HP or DEF gear. Experiment on which stat you think is best to keep Kahono alive.

Best gear for Kahono in Black Clover M.


Just like with her gear, Kahono will work best if she leans into her support role. So, our primary focus will be making sure her Support Talents are 2x more efficient.

Here are the best talents to use for Kahono:

  • Attack Talents
    • Increased Magic Power – Magic Power increased by 7%
    • Increased CRIT DMG – CRIT DMG +10%
  • Defense Talents
    • Increased DEF – DEF +20%
    • Endurance – Grants DEF +4% and CRIT RES +2% at the start of a wave (stacks up to 5 times)
  • Support Talents
    • Increased DMG RES – Grants a SP +1 buff upon having less than 2 SP(s) at the start of a turn
    • Mage’s Blessing – At the start of the turn, there is a 20% chance to apply the [Skill II] [Cool time reduced by 1 turn] buff
Best Talents for Kahono in Black Clover M.

Skill Pages & Teams

Kahono being a healer means that she won’t be able to use more Skill Pages compared to other characters. With that in mind, we’ll have a very limited choices to pick out.

While almost all of them won’t be efficient for Kahono, we have a couple of Skill Pages from SSR and one SR:

  • SSR Skill Pages
    • Song of Healing – Has a 35% chance of [Restoring] 10/20% of all allies’ maximum HP upon being hit by a CRIT. (Max. 3 time(s) per battle.)
    • Adventurer’s Journal – Applies 10/20% [Increased Max. HP] to yourself.
  • SR Skill Pages
    • Meat Enthusiast – Applies 7/15% [Increased Max. HP] to yourself.

Moving onto teams, Kahono will be able to achieve better synergy if the following units are in the same team as her:

Best teammates for Kahono to have good synergy with in Black Clover M.

If you are looking for more builds & guides like this one, make sure to check out our complete guide for all characters and their builds in Black Clover M!

That’s all you need to know everything about the brand new unit, Kahono, in Black Clover M. Did this guide help you understand this brand new unit better? Let us know in the comments below.

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