Black Clover M: Complete Kiato Guide & Build | Skills, Gear & Talents

Don’t let your dreams be dreams, Kiato.

Black Clover M is a mobile game that is essentially a video game of the popular Black Clover franchise. With mobile games like this, you can expect to see frequent updates that makes changes to the game and adds new characters for players to use.

One such character that a lot of people are looking to play right now is Kiato. This character is just fresh into the game and people are already coming up with the best ways to build him.

If you are looking to understand this character better, then you have come to the right place.

Complete Kiato Guide & Build

In this guide, I will be explaining to you how Kiato works and afterwards, we’ll then talk about the best build for his best build and synergies to make him efficient in any fight.


Kiato is a water type, LR rarity character. So, with that in mind, you’ll know that Kiato is going to deal a ton of damage to those who are weak against his type.

Just like with other characters in the game, Kiato has 4 different skills that you can use. Here are the skills:

  • Cross Slash
    • Deals damage by slashing a single enemy with a cross slash with his two swords
      • Upon having a [Buff], attacks after applying 15% [Increased DMG] to yourself
  • Swirling Torrent
    • An AoE attack where Kiato slashes his enemies by spinning around fast
      •  Attack after applying a 10% [Increased CRIT Rate] buff to self for each [Buff] affecting yourself
  • Dancing Vortex
    • Kiato attacks a single enemy in a dancing motion
      • Upon having 2 or more [Buff(s)], the skill will be a guaranteed CRIT
      • Attack after applying a 15% [Increased ACC] buff to self for each [Buff] affecting yourself
  • Combined Attack
    • When partnered with someone, they will perform a Combined Attack with the partner on a single enemy
      • If an enemy is taking [Continuous Damage], applies 30% [Increased DMG] to yourself before attacking
Kiato skills in Black Clover M.


Kiato, as a character, is extremely good as a ATK unit. Dealing the most amount of DPS is his specialty, and he can do so if his CRIT DMG stats are way up.

However, that’s not to say that Kiato needs to have an extreme focus on CRIT DMG. In fact, pushing his ATK stat up by equipping gear that focuses ATK is great.

Ideally, we want to aim to increase his CRIT DMG. But thanks to the latest update that added him to Global, he can also have a focus on ATK stats. Essentially, you will need to have:

  • ATK gear
  • PEN gear
  • CRIT DMG gear
Best gear for Kiato in Black Clover M.


For Talents, we’re looking to do the same with him when it comes to his character: increasing his ATK.

Of course, we also want Kiato to not die from getting hit, so we will also have to give him some talents that will increase his defense. Here are the best talents for Kiato:

  • Attack Talents
    • Sharp Mind – DMG Dealt +5%
    • Increased CRIT DMG – CRIT DMG +10%
  • Defense Talents
    • Increased DEF – DEF +20%
    • Endurance – Grants DEF +4% and CRIT RES +2% at the start of a wave (stacks up to 5 times)
  • Support Talents
    • Increased DMG RES – Grants a SP +1 buff upon having less than 2 SP(s) at the start of a turn
    • Swiftness – DMG RES +10%
Best Talents in Black Clover M.

Skill Pages & Teams

Kiato has a ton of great SSR and SR Skill Pages to use. But interestingly, his Signature is the best out of the bunch.

Not many characters in the game have their own Signature Skill Page as their best Skill Page, but Kiato is one of the few that does better with his. That doesn’t mean that other Skill Pages aren’t good.

Here is a list of other Skill Pages to use for him:

  • SSR Skill Pages
    • Dancing Determination – Before attacking, there’s a 40/60% chance to obtain a 20/40% [Increased CRIT Dmg] buff.
    • The Captain’s Dignity – Applies 2.5/4.5% [Increased CRIT] at the end of an ally’s turn. (Stacks up to 5 times)
    • Breath of Darkness – Applies 10/20% [Increased All ATK] to yourself.
  • SR Skill Pages
    • Sea Serpent’s Pride – Applies 7/15% [Increased CRIT Rate] to yourself.
    • Mysterious Ancient Book – Applies 7/12% [Increased Damage] to yourself.

As for teams, Kiato is able to achieve greater synergy if he is in a team with the following units:

Best teammates for Kiato to have good synergy with in Black Clover M.

If you are looking for more builds & guides like this one, make sure to check out our complete guide for all characters and their builds in Black Clover M!

That’s all you need to know about the brand new unit, Kiatos, in Black Clover M. Did this guide help you understand this new character better? Let us know in the comments below.

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