Black Clover M: How To Beat Stage 7-9 Spire of Honor Guide

Test your might.

Black Clover M is a gacha game based off of the popular Black Clover franchise. The game is constantly receiving updates as many players are playing the game while also catching up with other servers who have been released for a while now.

If you are playing on Global, then you may be going through the current content of the server, like the Spire of Honor. A lot of people are having troubles trying to beat Spire of Honor stages 7 to 9.

In this guide, I will show you how you can beat stages 7 to 9 of Spire of Honor in Black Clover M.

How To Beat Stage 7-9 Spire of Honor Guide

Stage 7

In order to beat stage 7 of Spire of Honor, you will need to have a formidable team. The ideal team to have here is Summer Noelle, Julius, Clover Academy Yami, and Valtos.

The important unit to have here is Summer Noelle, as she will serve as your buffer in the next three stages. Her buff skill will save you more times than you can count, so always have her ready.

The other two characters (Julius is important for Noelle) can be swapped out for anyone that can deal massive DPS, as what is important is to take out the enemy team’s buffer (in this case is Swimsuit Noelle as well).

However, being able to make a move first is also good, which is why having a character that has good DPS and good Speed is helpful here.

Also, being able to know how to use Noelle is a great way to better your chances in fighting against the stages, as you will be using her a lot.

If you need some help, I recommend checking out this detailed guide on Summer Noelle’s skills and talents to better understand how she works.

Ideal team for stage 7 of Spire of Honor in Black Clover M.

One thing I would like to point out first is that you don’t need to worry about levels, grade, enhancements, gears, or anything like that.

The floor effects from 7 to 9 will all max out your characters in terms of stats and gears so that you and the enemy team are on equal playing field. The secret here is to stay alive long enough to kill the enemy buffer.

Floor effects for stage 7 until 9 in Spire of Honor for Black Clover M.

Now while in the game, your first priority is to take out Noelle. Just like your Noelle, she will buff up her teammates and make the fight harder and longer than it needs to be. Taking her out quickly is the gameplan here before moving onto the next stage.

I recommend doing ultimate and AoE attacks to deal damage towards everyone in the team while having your Noelle buff up your team in case some of your characters are taking too much damage. Once Noelle is down, your next target will be Yami (due to his DPS), Rades, and then William.  

Yami dealing high damage to enemy team in Black Clover M.

Stage 8

For stage 8, we are still going to have Noelle, Julius, and Yami in the team. But this time, we’re switching out Valtos for William.

The reason why is because we’re going to need to have speed in order to get Yami ahead so he can take his turn to deal damage to Noelle, who is once again the first priority when fighting.

However, you can switch out Yami for S1 Asta, as he does have more speed. But you are sacrificing speed for damage, which may complicate matters if things don’t go right. The safest bet is to have Yami on the team and have William buff Yami’s speed so he can go ahead first to attack.

For those that don’t know how to use William, you can check out this detailed guide on how William works in the game, so you can get a better understanding on the character before attempting to do stage 8.

Ideal team for stage 8 of Spire of Honor in Black Clover M.

After taking out Noelle, you still need to take out William, Lotus, and Rades. William is your next target as he can buff his teammates while also debuffing you.

Lotus isn’t that much of a challenge alone, but Rades is a threat due to his high DPS.

Taking down Noelle and attacking the rest of the enemy team in Black Clover M.

Stage 9

For the final stage, we are sticking with the same team from stage 8. Stage 9 is going to be tough, because now we have Kahono in the mix and she is able to do her job as a Healer really well, to the point where she can resurrect other characters if they go down.

This is going to require some strategy, so pay close attention. Also, if you’re interested, here’s a more detailed guide which shows how Kahona works!

Ideal team for stage 9 for Spire of Honor in Black Clover M.

When the fight starts, we’re still doing the same stats we’ve been doing for the past couple of stages: take down Noelle before anyone else.

Now once Noelle is taken down, Kahono will resurrect her and Noelle, in turn, will buff up herself and her teammates. When this happens, do not panic. We want this to happen.

Kahono has basically used up her resurrection skill and won’t be able to do that for quite a while. Use this time to once again take down Noelle quickly again.

I recommend using Julius’ stamina drain on Noelle to really bring her buff down so that characters like Yami can do more damage on her and take her down once more.

Attacking the enemy team to take out Noelle first in Black Clover M.

By the time Noelle is down, Kahono won’t be able to heal her up, so she will heal the others instead. That’s fine, just focus on taking them down.

I suggest using William’s stun on Kahono though, just to avoid her from continuing her healing spree. But other than that, this is a smooth path to victory, and you will finally complete stages 7 to 9 of Spire of Honor.

Finishing off the enemy team in Black Clover M.

That’s all you need to know on how to complete stages 7 to 9 of Spire of Honor from Black Clover M. Did this guide help you understand what you need to do to beat these difficult stages? Let us know in the comments below.

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