Black Clover M: Complete Captain Fuegoleon Guide & Build | Skills, Gear, & Talents

How should you build this fiery captain?

There are loads of characters that you can pull for in Black Clover M, which is a mobile game based on the widely popular manga and anime series of the same name.

Among the units you can get is Fuegoleon Vermillion, who is a fire-themed attacker, if you couldn’t already tell from his name. In this guide, we’ll briefly go through what he can do and how you can take advantage of his potential!

Complete Captain Fuegoleon Guide & Build | Skills, Gear, & Talents

Fuegoleon Vermillion is a green attacker, not to be mistaken with his red Clover Academy version. As his name implies, his abilities all revolve around shooting out fire, and his kit is the following:

  • Ray of Extinction – Fuegoleon attacks with a ray of fire that deals 30% more damage if an enemy is inflicted with a continuous damage status.
  • Onslaught of the Flame Lion – A lion made of fire hits all enemies and has a 50% chance of inflicting Burn for multiple turns.
  • Leo Rugiens – Fuegoleon conjures up a giant lion that will breathe fire on a single enemy. Deals 40% more damage if the target is taking continuous damage and it inflicts Burn as well.
  • Combined Attack – This move will deal 30% more damage if an enemy has an active debuff.
  • United Attack – This replaces the Combined Attack when paired with Nozel Silva. It inflicts Burn on a critical hit and gives the target Reduced Endurance for two turns.
  • Enhanced Passive – Fuegoleon gains 3.5% increased damage when attacking enemies afflicted with Burn. He is worth enhancing only if you plan on using him as your main damage dealer in general.
  • Unique Passive – Whenever he uses his second skill, the target will get two turns worth of Burn. This basically guarantees that he burns everyone.
Black Clover M fuegoleon skills

Skill Page & Equipment

The best skill page for this character is going to be his signature Respectable Rival one. Not only will it grant him increased PEN on his second skill, but he will also passively gain 12% bonus damage overall whenever his HP is 50% or higher.

Alternatively, Blazing Hate or Breath of Darkness can be used to increases his attack stats. Breath of Flame will work well if you are facing bosses with him too.

Black Clover M respectable rival skill page

In terms of equipment, the best thing to do is max out his magic attack. For his specific sets, you will need the following (preferably the gold variants):

  • Two pieces of Ancient Mage’s Relics – This grants the wearer bonus ATK and MATK.
  • Two pieces of Ominous Gear – This will further increase his ATK and MATK.
  • Two pieces of Nature’s Wonders – This will give him bonus penetration to deal even more damage.
Black Clover M fuegoleon gear

Talent Trees

For Fuegoleon’s attack talents, choose the Increased ATK and Sharp Mind to boost his overall damage dealing capabilities.

Next, for defense, Increased DEF and Endurance are the ideal options. For support, Swiftness and Increased DMG RES or Mage’s Blessing and Increased ACC and PEN are always reliable nodes to choose.

Black Clover M mage's blessing talent

Potential Team Setups

For PVE content, he works well with the following characters:

  • Charmy (Swimsuit)– Great healer, and especially nice to have here since this team will be running a bunch of attackers.
  • FanaHas abilities that inflict Burn and is a decent damage dealer in general.
  • Leopold – Can also inflict Burn and benefits from enemies affected by it as well.
  • Fuegoleon – Greatly benefits from all the Burn that this team will be applying.
Black Clover M fuegoleon pve team

In terms of PVP content, you will be going for a more balanced full green setup with the following characters:

  • MimosaMain healer of the group.
  • Valtos – As a supporter, he can help boost the team’s speed.
  • RadesRades will act as the team’s tank and will be applying barriers throughout the fight.
  • Fuegoleon – He will be the team’s primary damage dealer.

If you are looking for more builds & guides like this one, make sure to check out our complete guide for all characters and their builds in Black Clover M!

Black Clover M Fuegoleon pvp team

And that is pretty much everything you need to know about this version of Fuegoleon in Black Clover M. Hopefully this helps you figure out how to use him to his max potential if you are lucky enough to have him!

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