Black Clover M: Complete Fana Guide & Build | Skills, Gear, and Talents

Strike fear into the eyes of your enemies with this attacker!

There are a ton of characters to potentially roll for in Black Clover M, which is a mobile game inspired by a widely popular anime and manga franchise.

One of these units is Fana, who is a decent DPS character specializing in devastating area of effect attacks. Here is a quick guide on what her kit does and how to best build her!

Complete Fana Guide & Build | Skills, Gear, and Talents

As stated earlier, Fana has a lot of potential when it comes to effortlessly striking entire enemy teams. With that said, let’s take a quick look at her entire kit:

  • Playful Salamander – Single target fireball attack that has a relatively high chance of burning an enemy, which will deal damage to them for two turns.
  • Salamander’s Whim – This ability hits all enemies and will grant bonus lifesteal to Fana if it hits a target that is suffering from burn.
  • Salamander’s Breath – Deals damage to all enemies and grants bonus All Attack to herself for two turns.
  • Combined Attack – Deals bonus damage if the target has a debuff.
  • United Attack – Replaces Combined Attack if she is in the same team as Vetto, and this inflicts burn on the target.
  • Passive – Fana gains 15% bonus damage if her HP is 100% or above.
  • Enhanced Passive – Grants her a bonus +7-14% favored damage dealt.
Black Clover M fana

Skill Pages

Fana’s signature skill page, Blazing Hate, is the obvious best choice for her. In addition to granting increased All Attack, it also adds a chance to inflict burn with Salamander’s Whim.

However, if you don’t have it, the next best option is something that increases the same type of stats, such as Breath of Darkness or Lion’s Energy.

Black Clover M fana page


For her talents, your attack nodes will depend on what you currently have. If you are focusing more on base attack, then go for Sharp Mind and Increased ATK.

Your other options here are boosting her crit rate, crit damage, or magic attack.

For defense nodes, keep it simple and choose Endurance and Increased DEF. In the support tree, you’re going to want to get Increased DMG RES and Swiftness.

Black Clover M talents

Gear Setup

For your equipment, you will want to prioritize boosting her magic attack, though you can also increase her base atk as she will be buffing both either way.

As for secondary stats, try to increase her critical rate and damage or accuracy. You can also get some defense if you feel that she is lacking a bit of survivability.

Black Clover M fana gear

Team Setup

A full blue team with units like Mars, Lotus, Yami, or William would work really well with Fana. Charmy can also be great due to her heals. Otherwise, just make sure to have a well-rounded team that covers all the necessary roles.

If you are looking for more builds & guides like this one, make sure to check out our complete guide for all characters and their builds in Black Clover M!

Black Clover M team with fana

And that is how you can utilize Fana to her maximum potential in Black Clover M. There are many other characters that you can build around in the game, so try your luck and pull for them all if you can!

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