Black Clover M: Complete S3 Charlotte Academy Guide & Build | Skills, Gear & Talents

This is a full S3 guide for Charlotte.

S3 Charlotte in Black Clover M.

Season 3 (S3) for Global version of Black Clover M has begun with characters like Charlotte getting a new skillset. Throughout Season 3, Charlotte is going to be among the best for meta build. We’re going to share some build guides for Charlotte S3 and explain how good it is. Let’s go!

Complete S3 Charlotte Guide & Build

For a quick summary for Charlotte in Season 3, she is a blue support character that revolves around the counterattack mechanic.

Charlotte S3 remains, in future seasons, a solid member in all-blue meta teams.

Skills & Skill Page

Charlotte’s main skill is giving an ally with the highest attack one turn of counterattack. Level up her ultimate to Lv. 5 and everyone gets guaranteed counterattack for one turn.

On top of that, she can also give attack buff to the whole team. Add her skill page into the mix, and you have Charlotte who also gives everyone one turn of guaranteed Block.

She also silences the enemy in a full-blue team for one turn. And this is all without a dupe.

Black Clover M: S3 Charlotte skills

She also has amazing combined attack which inflicts damage reduction as well as Fortify. Fortify is a separate state from Block.

For the Skill Page:

  • Her signature The Flower of the Faculty Room is the best, allowing her to buff attack and grant defense with her second skill at the same time.
  • The Instiable Quest is another great supporter skill page for that hypercarry second skill use since it adds 10% Attack increase as well.
  • The Breath of Wind s great for the immunity against Status Changes and self-heal.
  • For SR choices, Finral’s Excited Nature and Valtos’s Cultist’s Retribution are alternatives for the stamina boosts.
  • There’s also the Backlight of a Leaf in the SR category that has Stun immunity and self-heal.


The 4-pc of Secret of the Deep set is great to allow Charlotte get the first move. In fact, she has the same speed as William, which is another fastest character in the game. You want her to be able to launch her buffs and debuffs first on the field before your attacker.

Black Clover M: S3 Charlotte gears

Focus on going for survival stats on your Charlotte–DEF, Damage Res, Crit Res, or HP, you know the drill. You want her to be fast and not die, especially if you want to plug her in for PVP.


In the Attack Wheel, you don’t need to sweat much aside from Ferocity. You can take whichever other talent you want. Focus more on unlocking Support, then Defense Wheels first.

For the Defense Wheel, you’re going to want Increased DEF and then Endurance or Iron Will. Endurance is great for the DEF and Crit Res for that extra survivability

But since Charlotte can be generally tanky with the right combination and skill page, you can opt for Iron Will.

Then over at the Support Wheel, the Mage’s Blessing is one for extra attack buff from her Skill II. The Increased DMG Res is also great for extra survival. Alternatively,

Black Clover M: S3 Charlotte talents

Team Composition

Charlotte is best in a full-team of blue characters to capitalize on that Silence passive for one turn. Almost any other blue character will do well with her.

She’s great with Mars, one of the best blue tanker in the game for the stun combination attack. She’s also great with Julius because of her Attack buff and counterattack mechanic. She can also combo with Lotus for the double buff and debuff moves.

If you are looking for more builds & guides like this one, make sure to check out our complete guide for all characters and their builds in Black Clover M!

Black Clover M: S3 Charlotte team composition

And that’s for the full guide on how to build your S3 Charlotte in Black Clover M! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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