Black Clover M: Top 5 Best Units & Here’s Why

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The lineup of mages in Black Clover M continues to expand as the seasons go by. We have gotten a lot of SSR units, many of which have changed the meta up even.

You can check out the Season 8 PvE and PvP Tier Lists too – where they’re ranked and divided by their type Affinity.

In this guide, however, we will be discussing the top 5 units in the game. Specifically, we’ll be looking at mages who are the best in the 5 different types of Roles available in the game. They’ll give you a good idea of how the meta for each Role works.

Top 5 Best Units & Here’s Why

There are 5 Roles in the game: Attacker, Supporter, Healer, Debuffer and Defender. We will be looking at the best unit from each of these different Roles, so there is something for everyone. In addition, we will be judging based on both PvE and PvP for the JP region.

We recommend checking the All Stats Explained guide – as we’ll be discussing a lot of that in the rankings.

S1 [Clover Academy] Mimosa – Healer

S1 Clover Academy Mimosa in Black Clover M.

The main reason that Mimosa is the best Healer in the game is because she is the only unit to have Resurrection courtesy of her Ultimate. As the meta has evolved, she continues to be powerful specifically because of this skill.

Her Ultimate also provides Increased DEF to all allies, further ensuring that everyone can stay alive. Finally, she offers Extend Buff Duration and HP Recovery which are great skills that can help any team, making her the ideal Healer.

Lotus Whomalt – Debuffer

Lotus in Black Clover M.

He is considered the best Debuffer in the game, primarily because of his ability to constantly inflict Speed and Mobility Reduction. You are able to get more turns in this way, which is especially useful in the PvE mode. However, it will also help you immensely in PvP, especially at the start of the match.

Alongside Julius, they can be a devastating combo as Julius gets more turns to devastate enemies with his overpowered Damage. As a result, he can pair extremely well with most DPS mages and will always be part of the Meta, until another similar unit is released.

S6 [Ceremony] Charlotte – Supporter

S6 Ceremony Charlotte in Black Clover M.

Right off the bat, Ceremony Charlotte can give Special Points to the highest ATK mage. This way, your DPS users can immediately start inflicting damage. She also gives additional Special Points with her Skill 2, which just further makes her overpowered.

Her ultimate also provides so many buffs that will help your entire team stay alive, and do what they do best. Keep in mind that she also has a lot of Speed, so she will always be able to provide Support to every kind of team. In particular, she works really well with S8 [Black] Asta.

S8 [Black] Asta – Defender

S8 Black Asta in Black Clover M.

A lot of people consider Black Asta to be an attacking unit because he has potential to do a lot of DMG. However, his entire kit just makes him an amazing Tank, making him an overall Tank DPS unit.

For starters, his Skill 2 offers Increased DEF by 175% to all allies which is just super overpowered.

Alongside offering Stuns and Taunts, he just offers everything you want from a Tank unit. When your teammates die, he has the capability to do some insane DPS damage too, which is useful for both PvE and PvP. But keep in mind that a lot of people do not like him, because he does not suit all team types.

Julius – Attacker

Julius in Black Clover M.

Julius is still considered by many to be the best mage in the entire game, even after Season 8.  His single target DPS damage is just unmatched, able to just decimate PvP opponents and PvE bosses. He also has Regression, which allows him to revive at 45% Max HP, making him just extremely broken.

His Skill 2 has a chance to basically stop enemies’ Skill 2, which can be devastating against someone like Black Asta who relies on it.

On top of that, his Ultimate guarantees a Stun, which will always help in PvP and PvE. With an additional turn after killing someone – you will want to learn to counter Julius when facing him.

Something that gets missed by a lot of people is his Increased Speed Lv 3, which enables him to get even more turns to deal his insane damage. His Passive also allows him to get Increased DMG for every 15 Speed, which just ensures he is progressively doing more DMG as the battle moves forward.

That’s everything you need to know about the Top 5 Best Units in Black Clover M, with detailed reasons why. We recommend that you get these units for your team, because they basically define the meta in the game currently. A nice mix of new units and old favorites that will help you both for PvE and PvP.

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