Black Clover M: Dice Event & Chapter 7 Info | Season 3

What do we know about the upcoming season of the game?

Black Clover M: Dice Event & Chapter 7 Info | Season 3 Featured Image

Black Clover M is constantly updated with new content, including character variants, various events, and more. In this article, we’ll be going through the additions coming with the game’s next season and go into as much detail as we can based on both leaks and confirmed information.

Dice Event & Chapter 7 Info | Season 3

Part of the recent overview trailer released by the developers included reveals for new characters. More specifically, there will be three new variants of already existing units, which are the following:

  • Jack (Clover Academy)
  • Charlotte (Clover Academy)
  • Fuegoleon (Clover Academy)

We are not sure what exactly they can do just yet, though they may have already been released in other localized versions of the game, so more information may come before they come out on global servers.

For more details, you can check out our guide on who you should choose from the Season 3 free options!

Black Clover M Season 3 Free Characters

The next chapter of the story is also coming with the start of Season 3, and the recent trailer for it poses way more questions than answers, so you’ll just have to progress through it if you want to learn more.

It is speculated that more new characters, such as Langris Vaude, will be released as a part of the story update, though we don’t have official confirmation so far.

Black Clover M Season 3 Chapter 7

New Events

There are also three new time-limited events coming with the next season. First up is the Clover Dice Event, which is where you can roll for various rewards ranging from resources to cosmetics.

Black Clover M Dice Event

Next, we have a Bingo Event, which will also be rewarding players with various resources and what are essentially free pulls for performing a variety of tasks throughout the season.

For more details about the Bingo Event, make sure to check out this guide on how to get 4 Gear Substats you want!

Black Clover M Bingo Event

Finally, there will be an Event Arena. It is basically a PVP game mode that restricts you in varying ways, such as forcing you to use only certain characters or roles.

For the Event Arena, the rewards shop will contain a few things that you can buy, including a significant number of stamina and daily purchases of gold.

Black Clover M Event Arena Rewards

That is pretty much everything we know about season 3 in Black Clover M so far. It is also said that it will be a relatively short season, and if this is true, you better be ready to grind hard as you won’t have much time to maximize your rewards!

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