Black Clover M: Best Free Season 3 | Who Should You Choose?

Two guys, one girl. (Get your mind out of the gutter)

Black Clover M: Best Free Season 3 | Who Should You Choose? Featured Image

Black Clover M is a mobile gacha game that is officially licensed by Black Clover. It is a fun game that is still being supported after almost a year since its release. Well, since it released in Japan first, anyway.

But since the release of Global, many people are playing the game and getting hooked because the game is absolutely a blast to play. Right now, there is confirmation about the new exclusive season 3 characters.

Now that the question has been answered, it’s time to ask a new one: who should you choose to summon? If you want to know who, then you have come to the right place.

Who Should You Choose?

After trying to figure out who is going to be summonable in season 3, we now have official confirmation that Jack, Fuegoleon, and Charlotte in their Clover Academy attire.

Three of these characters have some pretty cool designs for looking like teachers. But if we’re going to summon based on looks, then nobody is going to summon Fuegoleon, since he has the most boring design possible out of the three.

Jack is a close second and obviously, Charlotte will be the most summoned character in the game. But what about summoning the characters based on their kits? Well, the answer will shock you.

Jack the Ripper in his Clover Academy attire in Black Clover M.

We have touched on this before on who to save and who to summon in the next season. Out of the three characters for season 3, Jack is the one that everyone should avoid.

His kit is truly awful and feels like he’s barely doing anything when fighting in endgame content. Many have opted to skip him until he receives a rework, which means he’s that bad.

Fuegoleon, however, is not that bad. While some are still recommending skipping him, he is not as bad as Jack. Although he does need a rework as well. His kit is only good in certain situations, and a character like that has no reason to be in the game.

Charlotte in battle in Black Clover M.

Charlotte is what many are recommending to get as soon as she drops. Not only it is because she has the best design out of the three, but also because she has an amazing kit that comes with the best ultimate in the game. Basically, her ultimate applies to your team, giving all of you Counterattack.

And if you have played the game, you know how amazing Counterattack is when you are facing against powerful opponents. So, do yourself a favor and save your resources for Charlotte, because she is the best option out of everyone in the exclusive season 3 list.

That’s all you need to know about who the best character is to summon in season 3 of Black Clover M. Did this guide help you understand why Charlotte is the best character? Let us know in the comments below.

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