Lost Ark: How to Complete the Sapira Cave Dungeon

Explore this mysterious cave!

The Sapira Cave dungeon is a dungeon located in Ozhorn Hill in the Yudia continent. Completing the dungeon can give you silvers and items. You can also find Mokoko Seeds and rare monsters lurking in the cave. 

Destroy the Plague Demon’s Magick Circle

As you enter the dungeon, you will instantly accept a quest called “The Plague’s Source”. You may also encounter a few Enhanced Worm fists. The 4 Magick Circles you need to destroy are located on the four corners of the area.

Destroy the Plague Orbs

Go to the southern part of the map and destroy the wall. Keep on destroying the Mucus Lumps and walls in the area to proceed. You need to reach 100% to complete the quest. 

Clear Blocked Path

Go to the highlighted area of the map and destroy the blockage. Slide down the path to continue. You will also need to defeat 4 Enhanced Wormfists that you can find all over the cave. 

Find the Source of the Plague

Keep Going further into the cave until you encounter a cutscene. You have to defeat the Mucus Demon Mukus to complete the quest. This boss has immunity to push and has a high resistance to Status Effects. 

  • The sides of the Mukus demon are a good safe spot against attacks. 
  • Dodge away when you see the red indicator on the ground. 
  • The Monster is slow and you can easily avoid its attacks if you position yourself at the back or the side of the enemy. 

You will get the achievement called “All Mine Now” after defeating the boss. 

Evil Magick Circle

After defeating the Boss, you have to destroy 5 Evil Magick Circles located in the northwestern part of the dungeon. You will also need to defeat 3 Enhanced Wormfirsts in the area. 

Defeat Celedan

When you reach the end of the cave, you will encounter a boss called Celedan. This boss is and you will need to keep dodging while attacking to prevent any damage. Afterward, you can complete the dungeon.

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