Bloodhunt: Elysium Book Locations | Welcome to Elysium Questline

Will you help Custos out?

The Welcome to Elysium quest is one of the questlines you can activate in Bloodhunt. In the Elysium, you will come across, Custos, who will ask for a favor. This guide will show you how you can find the Books in the Elysium. 

Elysium Book Locations – Bloodhunt

The Elysium Questline is a questline you can accept from Custos in the Elysium. He will ask you to search for multiple items in the area. You can find out how to get them below. 

  • From Custos, climb up the stairs to your right. Follow the hallway to the north until you see a bookshelf on your right. The Papal Bull will be inside this bookshelf. 
  • Start from the last area and go to your left this time. You will see a sofa next to a painting on the wall. The Rose quest item will be on top of the round table next to the sofa. 
  • Go back to Custos and head to the left room this time. Climb up the stairs here and head to the left hallway. When you reach the end, there will be two red sofas in front of each other. The book quest item will be on the red sofa to your right. 

Once you get all the items, you will complete the third part of the Welcome to the Elysium quest. 

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