Bloodhunt: Watch & Footage Locations | Blood Will Have Blood Questline

Get the items for the Blood Will Have Blood quest!

Bloodhunt has multiple quests you can complete while and during your battle royale matches. One of the quests you can complete is the Blood Will Have Blood quest. This guide will show you where you can get the Watch and Footage in Bloodhunt. 

Watch and Footage Locations – Bloodhunt

In the Blood Will Have Blood questline, you need to find some items on the map. To do this, you need to launch a match and go to specific locations. You can find out how to get them below. 

  • Head to the southern part of the map by the burning church. From the marker on the map, head straight south until you reach the end of the map. You will find the watch next to the statue on your left. 
  • From the same area, go inside the green gate next to the statue. You will find some trash bins on your left. The CCTV Recording is by the light on your right. 
  • Go to the area on the map above and climb the building behind you, near the burning church. When you reach the rooftop, drop down on the middle ledge to get the second CCTV. 
  • Lastly, go to the right of the burning church as shown on the map above. Climb the building with yellow lights to your right. You will find a red building to your left. Climb that building as well. Drop down to the lower terrace of this building to get the last CCTV recording. 

Some quest items can be hard to find. Make sure to be on the lookout for a bright white dot for the items.

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