Bloodhunt: Scout & Camera Locations | Stakeout Questline

Find out where you can get the Scout and Cameras!

Quest items will be littered around the map when you start the game. Aside from defeating your enemies, you should try to look for quest items as well. This guide will show you the location of the scout and camera locations in Bloodhunt. 

Scout and Camera Locations – Bloodhunt

There are multiple quest items and locations that you can pick up around the map. You can find out how to get them below. 

  • Drop near the rooftop restaurant as shown on the map. Climb the building on your right until you reach the very top of the tower. Slowly jump down to your right and you should find the first scout location. 
  • Head for the car park area as shown on the map above. Go northwest towards the Abandoned Mall. Climb the building with a tower crane. Climb the tower crane and head to your left. Next to the square is the next location. 
  • Go to the right of the abandoned mall and head west towards it. Climb the triangular structure and you will see some bed cots with the scout location next to them. 
  • Head to the south of the Art Gallery this time and climb the building to your left. Head north and you will find a tower on top of the roof. Climb on top of it and you will find the Omnis’ Camera.
  • Drop near the car park and climb on top of the building near the car park. You will find four towers here near the wooden platforms. Kirill’s Camera is on top of one of the towers. 

There are a total of 5 parts to the Stakeout Questline, requiring you to find multiple scout locations and cameras. 

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Bloodhunt: Watch & Footage Locations | Blood Will Have Blood Questline

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