Track Record Questline Locations In Bloodhunt

Let’s collect some recordings!

The Track Record questline requires you to collect some recordings in the terrace area. Spotting these recordings can be challenging while you are in a match. This guide will show you all the places of the recording for the Track Record Questline. 

Track Record Locations – Bloodhunt

Due to the nature of this quest, you may need to start multiple matches to get all track records. You can find out how to get them below. 

  • Head outside the building and climb the building in front of you. You should reach a rooftop with red sofas and lounge chairs. Head to your right and you will see a bar. The Pop track record is on the bar. 
  • Now start on the area as seen on the map above, near the Divine Disco. Head for the disco then turn left on the fork. You will see the entrance to the disco here. Go inside and head up to the DJ stage to your right to find the Grunge Record.  
  • Head for the Skybar this time and climb the building until you get to the terrace. Go to the Tribune Bar here and you will find the next track on the red sofa to your right. 
  • Start on the location above and climb the building here until you reach the roof. Jump down to the right and you should reach a back alley. The Dirty record will be on top of the blue trash bin. 

Collect all 4 and you will complete the quest objective in the Track Record Questline. 

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