Blox Fruits: How To Use Light (PVP) Complete Guide

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Light Fruit in action in Blox Fruits.

Blox Fruits is a Roblox game that is based off of the One Piece franchise. Pretty much everything in the game can be found from One Piece, down to the fruits that are being used. One such fruit is the Light Fruit, a popular Devil Fruit in the anime and manga.

This fruit, when used correctly, can be pretty devastating to use against other players. However, some people don’t actually know how to use this fruit correctly, and so they call it bad. In this guide, I will show you how you can use the Light Fruit correctly in Blox Fruits.

How To Use Light Correctly Complete Guide


Light is actually considered the best fruit to grind in the game. It can do a lot of damage, has skills that attack a large area, and is generally a fast fruit to attack with.

When using Light, players would often recommend that you gather up a large number of enemies and then use your skills to deal AoE damage, which speeds up the grinding process.

Grinding with the Light fruit can be done twice as fast if you put in all of your points into Melee, Defense, and Blox Fruit.

This will ensure that you will be doing the most damage with Melee and Blox Fruit while making sure that you won’t take too much damage.

Grinding with the Light Fruit in Blox Fruits.


You may not know it, but some Fruits in the game can only reach its full potential when being used by a specific race. There is no stat boost or bonus you get when using a specific race with a fruit.

It just means that if you are using a specific race with a fruit, you will be able to get the most out of the fruit thanks to the existing stats of the race.

Here are the races in the game that you can use for Light:

Among the races on the list, Cyborg and Angel are the ones that is best paired with the Light Fruit. The reason for Cyborg is because you can break through enemy guards much easier, all the while doing so much damage to your enemies.

In fact, a single use of Wrath of God on a group of enemies can easily decimate them.

For Angel, it is mostly because the Angel race is primarily good when up in the air. The same can be said for Light.

If you have an Angel that can stay up in the air with a Light Fruit, you would be an unstoppable combo of pure air destruction. Like an AC-130 of Blox Fruits.

Using the Wrath of God skill as a Cyborg in Blox Fruits.

Build (Weapons & Fighting Styles)

We’ve already discussed the best stats for Light in the Grinding section of the guide in terms of where to allocate your points. But now, we will discuss weapons and fighting styles.

First off is weapons. Light is a fruit that is reliant on accuracy, so you will need to make sure all of your shots count. This can be hard to do with most weapons, but the ones that causes stun.

There are multiple weapons in the game that you can use to stun your enemies or at the very least, drag them with you as you move. Here are the weapons you can use with the Light fruit:

  • Soul Cane
  • Gravity Cane
  • Shark Anchor
  • Pole (2nd Form)
  • Cursed Duel Katana
  • True Triple Katana
  • Fox Lamp
  • Midnight Blade
  • Hallow Scythe
  • Dark Dagger

While all of these weapons are fantastic, the true best weapon is the Spikey Trident. As stated before, Light is reliant on your accuracy to hit the target.

The Spikey Trident is pretty much a weapon that you can use to aim at your enemies and use your skills on, which makes it the perfect weapon for an accuracy reliant fruit like Light.

Best weapon to use with Light in Blox Fruits

For Fighting Styles, we can pretty much only use four Fighting Styles: Electric Claw, Sanguine Art, Dragon Talon, or Godhuman.

Other fighting styles have proven to lack the damage and longevity when doing combos with Light, which is important to do if you want to do the most damage with Light.

Using Electric Claw as your fighting style in Blox Fruits.


When playing in PvP, Light is actually the best fruit to use against other players, especially players who spam a lot.

Players who spam the same move and fruit over and over again will be in for a surprise when they see you approach them with Light. Or better yet, stay far away and hit them with Light attacks.

The easiest way to fight with Light in PvP is by staying far away and dealing damage with the attacks and skills the fruit has to offer. That is pretty much it.

Thanks to how strong Light is, users would recommend you to just stay far away from enemy players and just blast them with Light and watch as their health goes down fast.

Light is also great because when equipped, you can use it to move around really fast, even fly away thanks to the skill it has.

Even spammers won’t be able to do anything thanks to the fast speed of this fruit.

Using Light to attack spamming players from a distance in Blox Fruits.

That’s all you need to know on how to use Light correctly in Blox Fruits. Did this guide help you understand how you can use this fruit correctly in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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