Blox Fruits: Best Race V4 Tier List

Which one is the most useful?

Blox Fruits V4 Tier List

In Blox Fruits, there’s a total of six races. That’s plenty enough to work with when you always end up in heated discussions regarding which one is the best. Some races deserve to be placed in S Tier while most should be grateful enough to not be placed anywhere lower than B.

Naturally, even the best race will have its own pros and cons, same goes for the lesser ones too. Find out more about which race is best in Blox Fruits by checking out the rest of the tier list below!

Best Race V4 Tier List

Races are a core mechanic in Blox Fruits. You get unique passives and buffs to use in combat depending on what race you’re playing as. Upon joining the game for the first time, a race is randomly generated for the player.

If you’re not satisfied with what you got, then you can always have it changed via the Products Shop for 90 Robux. Here’s what we think you should get before you start spending anything.

Blox Fruits V4 Tier List

S Tier

  • Human – Who would’ve expected the humans to come out on top yet again? It has the highest damage output compared to other races. You also have a rage meter that fills up the longer you fight somebody. This comes from your Limit Break passive ability. Teleporting is also a possibility with Psycho, this gives you a flash step with 3 charges.
    • So far, the cons for the Human race is Last Resort. It can be very risky to use in PvP as it makes you more vulnerable due to your HP getting lowered. However, you can benefit from this as well since this lets you deal extra damage.
  • Ghoul – A race based on sucking the life out of others. The more damage you do to others, the more health you get for yourself. With Domain Expension, you’ll get reduced cooldowns, more damage, and more defense. Make full use of these passives during night time as that’s the only time Ghouls are at their strongest.
    • For an S Tier race, it’s surprisingly balanced. That all goes away of course when the sun goes down. When that time comes, you’re basically every race put together given how powerful you can be.
  • Shark – The best race made for damage reduction. With its passive ability, you can take on all sorts of damage in the game. This makes most combos sent flying towards you completely useless. It’s a good choice for farming sea beasts as well since you won’t drown at all.
    • You won’t get any speed boosts though, sounds like a bad deal but at this point you can chuck it up to game balance instead. Speed accessories can still be used however if you’re feeling sluggish.

A Tier

  • Angel – A strong choice for healing. You can get back 3,000 to 5,000 points of health in a matter of seconds. It’s also good for sky camping when you make use of the Prince Of The Skies Passive. A skill that allows you to glide and fly in the air freely by holding the dash and jump button respectively.
  • Cyborg – A race that excels in farming. Regardless of if you’re farming levels or sea beasts, Cyborgs will get the job faster than any other race. The Cyborg also makes use of a passive skill that will cancel your opponent’s attempts at making combos. Known downsides for the Cyborg race are the lack of movement buffs and overall speed.
    • It’s recommended to get a few speed accessories if you’re ever playing as a Cyborg. A good accessory you can make use of will be the Pilot Helmet.

B Tier

  • Rabbit – If it’s speed you’re after, then the Rabbit race is perfect for you. With your incredible speed you can easily dodge other people’s combos while also leaving a tornado behind to possible disorient them further. The problem so far with the Rabbit race is it has been recently nerfed. That and its ability only last for about six seconds, kind of like real rabbits.
Blox Fruits V4 Skill Showcase

And those are the best races Blox Fruits has to offer. Remember that each race is useful depending on your playstyle. And don’t rush into battle if you know your speed is lacking!

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