Blox Fruits: Permanent Kilo Value | What Do People Trade For Permanent Kilo

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Blox Fruits: Permanent Kilo Value

The Permanent Kilo can only be bought by using actual Robux in Blox Fruits. It is not like any other fruit that has a high rarity and price. What makes it hard to get is that you need to spend real money in order to have one. If you want to have this fruit in your inventory, be ready to spend 50 Robux for a permanent fruit.

I will provide a list of all the fruits in this article that players are willing to trade for the Permanent Kilo Fruit. Since not everyone is willing to spend 50 Robux, they will trade for it instead. You might be surprised by the fruits they can offer for this permanent fruit.

What Do People Trade For Permanent Kilo

Trading for this fruit can range from Mythical fruits to Legendary Fruits. While others will offer rare or common fruits if you’re willing to give them away without taking into consideration their value. A big win for this trade is if you manage to get a Buddha Fruit or a Shadow Fruit. Let us start with the list of fruits.

  1. Rumble + Paw + Love + Spider Fruits – This can be considered a big win. Not only that you have a Love Fruit and Rumble Fruit, but you also get the Spider and Paw fruit to use for trading as well. Blox Fruits: Permanent Kilo Value
  2. Phoenix Fruit – Another good offer, but if you can get something more you can lock in that trade with the player. Also, here is a guide on how to trade for a Phoenix Fruit. Blox Fruits: Permanent Kilo Value
  3. Portal Fruit + Buddha Fruit – An absolute big win if you manage to find someone who can give you these fruits. Blox Fruits: Permanent Kilo Value

You can’t get anything better than these offers. If you manage to get just even the Buddha or Portal Fruit, consider it a big win. Trading in this game can take minutes to get what you want. Take your time and don’t hesitate on trading. Wait for the perfect fruit and opportunity.

Where Can You Trade In Blox Fruit

I suggest you get your level up to 700 first before you start thinking of trading in this game. It is the only way to unlock the Second Sea, the place where players are allowed to trade. This is the most accessible place and doesn’t require that much grinding to unlock.

  1. First, spawn in the Kingdom of Rose. Which is the main island found in the Second Sea. As soon as you spawn in, head straight until you see the village. Blox Fruits: Permanent Kilo ValueBlox Fruits: Permanent Kilo Value
  2. Go near the huge wall that you can see behind some of the houses, shown in the picture below. You will find an entrance on the wall. I recommend going in this route to reach the cafe quicker. Blox Fruits: Permanent Kilo ValueBlox Fruits: Permanent Kilo Value
  3. Entering this entrance will give you the fastest route to finding the Cafe. Just continue going left until you see a yellow building. Once you find the cafe, sit down at this table to trade with the players. Blox Fruits: Permanent Kilo ValueBlox Fruits: Permanent Kilo Value

It is important to realize, that trading in this game can be hard at some point. Be sure you have the right fruit to trade with and choose the person you want to do the bargaining. Others may reject your offer, while some are willing to give away their fruits. You can buy different fruits using Robux. However, I advise you to stick to trading than buying the fruits in exchange for real money.

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