Farming Simulator 22: Wheat Complete Guide | How To Grow, Harvest & Sell Wheat

No pain, no grain.

Farming Simulator 22 allows players to relive their fantasy of growing and raising their own farm. And what better crop to grow on your farm than Wheat? It is the main ingredient for bread and you can use it for a variety of purposes in the game. However, growing it is easier said than done.

This is because there are multiple steps that you need to follow when growing and harvesting Wheat. After that, there is the whole conundrum of actually selling it and ensuring that you are able to get as high yield as possible. So, in this guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know about growing Wheat.

Wheat Complete Guide

Growing Wheat in the game consists of a variety of steps. Each of these steps has its own equipment, processes and other details that you need to take care of. This can be quite overwhelming, especially if you are still starting out with the game.

So, we will cover everything step-by-step including reasons for each. This will ensure that you can understand the reason for each step and be able to get a 100% yield for your Wheat in no time!

Fertilizer Spreaders

The first thing you want to do is to fertilize the land to ensure that your Wheat can grow properly. It will also boost growth to ensure ideal growth. Specifically, there are two fertilizers that you will need to place.

The first step is to put Lime on the land. For this, you will need particular Fertilizer Spreaders that are able to spread Lime. Check out this guide on How to Lime Fields in Farming Simulator 22.

Fertilizer Spreaders in Farming Simulator 22.

Once you have the Spreader that you like, attack it to your Tractor and begin spreading it on your field.

Lime Icon in Farming Simulator 22.

The next step is to use the other type of Fertilizer. You can use Spreaders that are able to spray both Fertilizers. However, the Spreaders for only one type generally have better width, you may consider getting another Spreader.

Attach it to your Tractor and now spread it all over the field to complete the Fertilizer step. Make sure that you cover every inch of the field for both runs.

Fertilizer Icon in Farming Simulator 22.


The next step is Mulching. Mulching is very important as it helps protect your Wheat and ensure it grows properly. You can purchase any Mulcher that catches your attention in the Tools Menu.

Once you have the Mulcher, attach it to your Tractor and move onto the farm. Deploy the Mulcher and ensure that you cover the entire farm.

Mulchers in Farming Simulator 22.


Plowing is an essential part of farming, as it makes space for your crops to grow. You may be tempted to use a Plow for this step, but we have a better tool recommendation. We suggest that you use a Subsoiler as the Plows are really not effecient.

Subsoilers in Farming Simulator 22.

Specifically, we suggest you use the following one, or any that has similar stats and characteristics.

Subsoilers Model Cultiplow Platinum in Farming Simulator 22.

Attach the Subsoiler to your tractor and now you can use it to plow the land.

Plowing a field in Farming Simulator 22.

Keep in mind that you should only plow the land if it actually needs it. You can check this by going into the Map.

If the land appears red, this means that it requires plowing. Otherwise, you can skip this part.

Land needing plowing glowing red in Farming Simulator 22.

Stone Picking (Optional)

This next step is completely up to you. It does not affect the yield in any way but will make your life much easier. This is because stones can damage your equipment, and you will need it in tiptop shape to fulfill your farming needs.

Go into the Tools Menu and select the Stone Pickers option. Buy whichever Stone Picker you want.

Stone Pickers in Farming Simulator 22.

Now, activate the Stone Picker when you go into the field. You can figure out how many stones are left on the field in the Map section.

The yellow dots on the farm will indicate stones. Besides being better for your equipment, removing stones will make your fields look much prettier.

Yellow Stones on map showing Stones in Farming Simulator 22.


Next in line, we have seeding. This will quite literally plant the seeds for the Wheat that you will be harvesting and selling if all goes well!

Go into the Tools Menu and look for Seeders

Seeders in Farming Simulator 22.

Make sure that you get a Seeder that plants Wheat. You can identify this by the Wheat icon in the description. There are Seeders that you can find which plant seeds and fertilize which are highly recommended.

Attach it to your Tractor and lower it on the field as you drive over it. The Seeder will take care of the rest!

Seeder with Wheat Icon in Farming Simulator 22.


Now that the seeds are planted, you will need to go through the process of Rolling to get them deep into the land.

Go into the Tools Menu and purchase a Roller from there. The larger the Roller, the more convenient the process will be.

Rollers in Farming Simulator 22.

You can check how much of your land needs Rolling by going into your Map. The blue on the map indicates the area that needs to be Rolled.

Land needing rolling glowing blue in Farming Simulator 22.


After some time passes and your Wheat grows, you will notice that some Weeds are also growing alongside. So, you will need to get a Weeder that can take care of those pesky intrusive plants.

In the Tools Menu, you can find a Weeder and choose any which suits you. There are some that even fertilize which is very useful. This is because it is recommended that you fertilize the field at least twice.

Weeders in Farming Simulator 22.

You can check which sections of the field need to be Weeder. Open the map and the green sections indicate the Weeds growing.

Now, you can drive your Weeder onto the field and remove the Weeds. This will ensure that your crops can grow without intrusion!

Land needing weeding glowing green in Farming Simulator 22.


Harvesting can be a bit more complex as there are three major components that you need to consider.

The first one is purchasing a Harvester from the Tools Menu. 

Harvesters in Farming Simulator 22.

There are many options and you should choose one that has the Wheat Icon.

Harvesters with Wheat Icon in Farming Simulator 22.

After that, you need to get an appropriate Header, which also needs to be able to harvest Wheat. You can also identify this with the Wheat Icon.

Choose one that has a description that catches your eye and attach it to your Harvester.

Headers in Farming Simulator 22.

Now, take your Harvester with the Header attached and lower it onto the field. However, before you do this, we recommend that you Enable Straw Swath.

This will add a lot of convenience for the Straw collection step that you will see later. After that, you can start Harvesting the Wheat.

In essence, it allows the Straw that is ejected from the Harvesting process to be aligned in a straight and easy to collect line.

Enable Stream Swath option in Farming Simulator 22.

The final step is depositing the Harvested Wheat into a trailer for transportation and storage. A lot of people like to do this step by moving the Trailer alongside the Harvester as it does its thing.

However, this is not a good method as it can cause your crops to get destroyed, ruining your yield. Instead, we recommend that you let the Harvester fill up and then deposit it into the Trailer since it’s much more convenient.

Depositing Wheat into Trailer in Farming Simulator 22.

Dealing with Straw

Before we deal with the Harvested Wheat, it is important that you first deal with the Straw that is lying around your field.

Since you used the Enable Straw Swath, this process will be much easier as the Straw is more convenient to collect. There are two ways in which you can collect the Straw.

Straw lines on field in Farming Simulator 22.

The first one is through Baling. You can use a Baler to turn the Straw into neat stacks of Bales.

Balers in Farming Simulator 22.

After that, you can use a transport device to transport Bales. However, Bales are not the best use for Straw as they restrict the different ways in which you can use Straw as you will ahead. It also requires two pieces of equipment which is time consuming and expensive.

If you still want to go ahead with Baling, consider this Guide on the Best Autoload & Bale Storage Combo For Console.

Bale Storage Vehicle in Farming Simulator 22.

Instead, we recommend using a Foraging Vehicle. This Vehicle will pick up the Straw and store it automatically at the same time.

This is much more convenient as you can use this Straw as feed for your animals, such as Pigs, Horses and Cows. With Bales, this is simply not possible.

Forage Wagons in Farming Simulator 22.

You can take the Foraging Vehicle to the animal pen and unload the Straw directly. You can also control how much you can unload, ensuring that you can use your collected Straw for multiple things.

Unloading Straw option in cow pen in Farming Simulator 22.

Alternatively, you can sell the Straw and can check the Price Fluctuations in your Menu. This will also show you which dealers are currently available to sell the Straw to and their prices.

It isn’t worth much, so we suggest that you use it for your animals first and save it. But that is up to you.

Straw Prices Menu in Farming Simulator 22.

Selling Wheat

Once you’ve dealt with the Straw, it is time to earn a profit on all the hard work you have done. There are multiple things that you can do with the Wheat.

The first thing you can do is take your Trailer to the Grain Mill and turn it into Flour. Flour sells for a lot more than Wheat and you can get a good profit.

Turning Wheat into Flour at Grain Mill in Farming Simulator 22.

Alternatively, you can take the Flour and take it to the Bakery. Bakers require Flour to make bread, so you can turn a nice profit here.

Bakery in Farming Simulator 22.

You can also simply decide not to sell the Wheat and instead keep all or some of it for your animals. There are plenty of animals, like various types of Pigs, that require Grain as their feed.

You can check what other animals require Grain in the Animals Menu.

This step can actually make you money in the long run. By raising animals and saving money on their feed, you can focus on raising animals. In this way, your main profit avenue can be through your animals!

Animals and Grain Food Requirements indicated in Farming Simulator 22.

Last but not least, you can sell the Wheat directly to a station. You can check the price fluctuations and which stations you can sell to in the Prices Menu.

Wheat Prices Menu in Farming Simulator 22.

That’s everything you need to know about growing, harvesting and selling Wheat in Farming Simulator 22. See, farming does not have to be as terrifying as it seems! We suggest that you play around with the tools for each step, as there are so many types of equipment with unique characteristics. Soon enough, you will be raking in the money after all that hard work!

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