Blox Fruits: T-Rex Value | What Do People Trade For T-Rex?

Prey on your opponents with this devastating fruit!

Blox Fruits features a wide range of fruits that you can collect and trade for. It can be hard to determine the actual value of each due to how the meta tends to shift over time with the addition of newer fruits and changes to already existing ones.

With that in mind, this article will tell you how people are currently valuing the T-Rex fruit that was just released with Update 21 of the game.

T-Rex Value | What Do People Trade For T-Rex?

The T-Rex fruit has a Mythical rarity and costs just around $2,700,000 or 2,350 Robux to get. Despite this, its price is currently inflated due to its status as a new release with 35,000,000 physical value on the market.

Despite its cost being lower than some of the other highly regarded fruits in the game, it is said to be a powerful choice for PVP, making it much more valuable than you’d expect. Here is what people tend to offer for it:

  • You can get some good 1:1 trades for fruits such as Spirit or Dough, though with the current hype, you can shoot for even higher offers if you have the patience for it.
  • Potentially, you can even trade it for some Permanent fruits, though this will depend entirely on your personal needs or preferences.
  • People will likely offer you a combination of fruits such as Control, Venom, Portal, Gravity, Love, Phoenix, Shadow, Mammoth, Buddha, and more, but these are too low for it right now.
  • The best offer you can get right now is a Dragon or Leopard, which are extremely valuable and are an absolute win for you if you can find someone willing to do this.

Only time will tell if the value of T-Rex will go down, but for now, definitely try to milk it for as much as you can as a lot of people are willing to pay a lot for one.

If want to read more about fruits and their values, make sure to check out our guide on All Fruit Values & trading list in Blox Fruits!

Blox Fruits T-Rex trade


Also, in case you are unsure of how to trade, you basically need to go to the Café in the Second Sea or the Mansion in the Third Sea. So you’ll need to have access to these zones before you can start trading.

That’s pretty much it for the T-Rex fruit’s current value. You can make a large profit with it at the moment, so take full advantage of it while you can if you manage to get one of these fruits!

Also, if you’re wondering how much value Kitsune has, we have a guide that you might want to check out as well.

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