Planet Crafter: How to Get Iridium Ore Location

You need a lot of these early in the game, but where can you find some?

The 1.0 version of Planet Crafter is finally out, which means tons of new and returning players are hopping right on in and trying to figure things out as they attempt to transform this harsh planet into a habitable one. In this guide, we will show you how to get Iridium, which is a resource that you’re going to need early in the game.

How to Get Iridium Ore Location

Early in the game, you will need some iridium in order to construct a tier 1 heater. Luckily, you will very likely find a decent chunk of this ore from the blue storage crates that you will be scavenging at the start.

This type of ore is relatively common in crates, and you can potentially get them from the first ship wreck that you will find very close to the starting location.

If you need a more reliable method of gathering this resource, even in later stages of the game, you’re in luck. There is another great place to find iridium that is also close to the position your pod first crashed in.

Planet Crafter player approaching a storage container

Sand Cave With Iridium Spawns

Near the default starting area, you have to turn right upon leaving your pod. Simply make your way through the desert in this direction and you will eventually encounter something strangely mesmerizing to the left.

There, you will see a large rock formation with falling sand, and underneath all that is the entrance to a cave. Inside will be a lot of iridium, as well as potentially other resources that you might need.

Cobalt, titanium, and even bits of aluminum can be found inside this cave. This will help boost your progress at the start of the game and hopefully give you a better idea of where to set your base up.

Planet Crafter cave with sand falling in front of it

Iridium nodes have a distinct red glow and a lot of them can be found in this specific cave, making it a great early game spot for mining them. This also makes it a decent candidate for the construction of an ore extractor.

There are other spots to be found as you explore throughout the map, but this is one of the best locations for this specific resource that you can find very early on if you chose to spawn nearby.

Planet Crafter player looking at an iridium node

Meteor Events

At the later stages of the game (and I do mean later), you will gain the ability to manually trigger meteor events. We won’t get into much detail here, but you can specifically trigger an iridium meteor shower by using a Magnetic Field Protection Rocket.

Launching this specific rocket will cause iridium meteors to start raining down on various points of the map. If you check the impact zones, you will find several iridium nodes scattered all around them.

If you want to be a little more efficient, we recommend sticking to finding all the different caves with iridium in them and sticking a bunch of ore extractors in them instead.

Planet Crafter meteor about to crash into the map

And that is everything that you need to know when it comes to finding iridium in the game, which is just one of many other resources you’re going to be gathering. While you’re here, consider checking out our guide on how to get the Sentinel Corp ending for Planet Crafter as well!


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