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New World: How To Get Blueberries | Blueberries Locations

All the blueberries will be yours, master!

Food is an important part of life. Heck, food is an important part of some video games as well. New World is one of those games. As cooking can be something you might find yourself doing from time to time in this MMORPG, vital ingredients such as carrots and blueberries become a must-have! So, if you want, or if you need blueberries, here is how to get them, or, better yet, where to get them! Since ya know, getting them will kinda just be a push of a button…

How To Get Blueberries – New World

There are a few locations in which you can farm blueberries. There is a bunch of them, ready for the taking, growing like there’s no tomorrow.

Here are the places you can find a lot of blueberry bushes:

  • Northwest of the Bastion Weaver’s Fen, in the Weaver’s Fen region.

  • West of the appropriately named Millberry Hills, Northwest in the First Light region.

You have the exact map location shown above, so you can get there and start looking around.

The bushes are almost everywhere in these locations and are easy to see because of their bright purple color.

Now, since the title of the guide is how to get blueberries, we might as well tell that as easy as we can for you to understand:

  • Approach the bush until you see “Blueberry bush” written in a pop-up
  • Press “E” until the circle completes loading

Doing this will get you from around 3-5 berries and some harvesting experience. A pretty good haul, if I do say so myself!

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