Brawlhalla – The Complete Gauntlets Guide

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Brawlhalla is one of those platform fighting games that is still being played today by thousands of people. That’s because the game is still amazing, balanced and fun with regular new updates. Not to mention that since this is a fighting game there’s tournaments that players can play in that can either be small ones where there’s just a few hundred people to large ones where thousands attend. The game has a loyal and dedicated fan base and the skill floor and ceiling of the game is great enough for both new and old players. There’s also different weapons you can try out and in this guide we’ll show you how to use the Gauntlets.

The Complete Gauntlets Guide For Brawlhalla

Some weapons in Brawlhalla are more focused on a certain attack to start combos, for the Gauntlets that’s the down light attack. Here are some of the combos that you can try to learn and master for the Gauntlets.


Source: Phazon – YouTube

Down Light Combos

  • Down Light Combos
  • Down Light + Neutral Light
  • Down Light + Side Light
  • Down Light + Down Air
  • Down Light + Side Air
  • Down Light + Neutral Air
  • Down Light + Recovery
  • Down Light + Ground Pound

Side Light Combos

  • Side Light + Recovery
  • Side Light + Gravity Cancel + Side Light + Recovery
  • Side Light + Neutral Air
    • + Side Air
    • + Gravity Cancel + Side Light (+Neutral Air or Chase Dodge + Recovery)
    • + Gravity Cancel + Down Light (+Neutral Air or Chase Dodge + Recovery)

Neutral Air Combos

Neutral Light + Chase Dodge + Side Light + Neutral Air

Neutral Light + Chase Dodge + Neutral Air

Neutral Light + Neutral Air

Match Ups

Source: Phazon – YouTube

Swords: Against swords Gauntlets can get away with liberal use of Gravity Cancel moves because of how the sword light attacks work. Just be careful and position yourself so that the enemy doesn’t get a Sword Recovery because gauntlets have a hard time going against it.

Hammer: Against hammer the one thing you should watch out is Hammer Recovery offstage, like swords, hammers have weak light attacks when against gauntlets so gravity cancels are a must.

Axes: Gauntlets work well against Axes mainly because gauntlets are faster than axes. Keep the momentum up and keep an eye out for axe down light and side air attacks, the latter being fast and easy to get hit when you’re not careful. Off-stage axe performs badly against the gauntlets due to how their recovery works so use that to your advantage and go for ground pounds or side airs.

Bow: Be weary of bows, they’re the bane of gauntlets and have a massive advantage against them. They can answer all attacks with ease and all you can really do is react right against the bow side light and down light. Do not get caught above a bow user since you’ll be juggled helplessly against it.

Lance: Against lances keep above them because they usually have a hard time recovering against the gauntlet. When offstage keep an eye out for lance down air and side air can really catch anyone off guard.

Katars: Gain and keep the momentum, stay grounded and use down light to pressure. Be careful offstage since that’s where Katars will have an edge over you.

Orb: This weapon specializes in keeping you out in distance and punishes you on approach. Use down light to counterattack most of the orbs moves.

Blasters: One of the easier opponents for the gauntlets, just keep pressuring them and stay on top of them as much as possible. Just keep an eye out for Blaster neutral air and down air when offstage since that can easily knock you out when you’re not careful.

Greatsword: Bait out recovery and keep them below you on offstage and it’s an easy match up against greatswords. Just be careful of greatsword side air and down air attacks if the enemy is above you.

Spears: Bait out moves like side light and recovery, don’t catch yourself below a spear offstage since it’ll be an easy win for them. Don’t gravity cancel that much because the spear can easily punish you for it.

Scythe: Don’t fight in the air for too long and keep an eye out on where your position is offstage because the Scythe’s turnaround potential of the weapon can be your end.

Cannon: Being a high pressure weapon the canon can be tough but usually there’s not much in terms of move so when they do gravity cancels or chase dodge to a side air can be easily seen and punished.

Gauntlet: Patience is the key against another gauntlet player, don’t try to punish them by using the same move they did to you since it’s not ideal. Instead go for combos sometimes to maximize your damage.

Battle Boots: These weapons are quick but offstage they perform poorly against the gauntlets specially with ground pounds.

Congratulations you now know some of the better combos and tactics when using the Gauntlets in Brawlhalla, now go out there and try to do it yourself! Many thanks to Phazon for showing everyone these tricks, if you need more information then go check their video out here: Brawlhalla – The Complete Gauntlets Guide – YouTube

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