Brawlhalla: Battle Boots COMPLETE Guide | Active Input, Dodge Reads, Combos

Very interesting item to play with!

The new Battle Boots are simply very fun to play. Not only are they fun, but they are also very powerful if you know what you are doing with them. In this guide, we shall explain how does the Active Input helps out with everything you do with them. Let’s get started.

Battle Boots COMPLETE GUIDE | Active Input, Dodge Reads, Combos – Brawlhalla

Battle Boots have a new type of active input. The Battle Boots now change whenever you go more than the opponent. When you use active input you should keep in mind where you would like to go in order to continue a string.

Source – Azu

These here are the moves with active input:

  • D-Light
  • S-Light
  • D-Air
  • S-Air

The Active input will hold you grounded for grounded kicks follow-up. While the nonactive one will have you flying up in the air. If you want to end up in the air with the active input, you will want to hold the forward button.

When you want to attack down with active input you will get a whole lot of more power and distance pushed on your opponent. It also doesn’t bump you up in the sky as the no-active input does.

If you are interested in more information and combo attacks with the Battle Boots, we highly recommend that you check out Azu from YouTube. A big thanks to him for providing all the helpful information and details.

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