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Brawlhalla is one of those platform fighting games that has thousands of players playing it any given time and still has a loyal fan base behind it. That’s because the game simply is fun to play for all skill levels and not only that, there are many competitions out there for Brawlhalla from local ones to international ones where thousands of people watch. The game is still having constant updates and recently they’ve even added new weapons to the game. In this guide however, we’ll look at a weapon that’s been in a game for a while now and that’s the Blaster.

Ultimate Blaster Guide In Brawlhalla

The blaster is one of the few ranged weapons in the game, but don’t expect it to shoot from across the arena when playing with them. When using the weapon you’ll need to know the sweet spot on where to land your attacks and find a way to both keep away from the enemy and approach them at the perfect moments. We’ll first take a look on the approach options for the blaster.

Approach Options

Source: TGL – YouTube

Before you beat up your opponent you need to approach them first. There’s basic attacks and combos to do so.

  • Side Air
    • Dash Jump + Side Air – This can be used when they’re grounded.
  • Side Light
    • Dash Forward + Side Light
  • Down Light – Much more punishable than the other ones but gives you more combo potential
  • Down Air – Bit more risky and doesn’t combo as much as Down Light.


    Source: TGL – YouTube

    These are some combos that you can use once you’ve done your approach. As you can see some of them start with your approach options already.

    • Down Light + Dash Jump + Down Air
      • + Gravity Cancel + Neutral Light
    • Side Light + Jump + Side Air
    • Down Air + Gravity Cancel + Neutral Light

    Kill Options

    Source: TGL – YouTube

    These are the combos and moves you use when going for a knock out. Just keep in mind that Side air usually is done at later stages and is not a great kill option early on.

    Down Light + Dash Jump + Recovery

    Gravity Cancel + Chase Dodge Diagonal Up + Recovery

    Side Air

    Keeping Distance

    When playing Blasters you need to keep your distance from your enemy to land some of your attacks and combos. These are some of the moves you can use to keep distance, just remember that blasters aren’t really great at getting out of short distance pressure so it’s best to keep distance and not rely on these too much.

    Down Light

    Down Air

    Neutral Light

    Congratulations you now know some of the basics of using the Blasters in Brawlhalla, now go out there and try those combos out. Many thanks to TGL for showing these combos, if you want more advanced tips and tricks go check their video out here: Brawlhalla Blasters Guide, Basics, Combos, Strings & More (2022) – YouTube

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