Brawlhalla – Scythe Complete Guide

It’s not just a farming implement!

Plaform fighting games have always had one of the lowest and highest skill ceilings and floors in almost any other genre. Usually they’re great party games as well as competitive games that start tournaments and such. The game features a lot of characters from original ones to ones from shows and even in real life. That’s why it’s so enjoyable to play, and it’s easy to introduce new characters since all of them can use a certain set of weapons. In this guide we’ll show you how to ply the Scythe in Brawhalla for those who are looking for a new weapon to main!

Scythe Complete Guide For Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla has a lot of different weapons that you can play with and each one of them have their strengths and weaknesses that you can learn and adapt to when using them. Scythe steps it up further by having a unique mechanic called Active Input.

Active Input

Source: TrippedUp – YouTube

Active Input is something unique to Scythe and can give you an edge on players specially ones that don’t know about this unique feature. Active Input is when you input something while in the middle of a move to get a different outcome. Most of them have ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ versions. Here are the moves that have active input.

Side Light – For the soft version let go of your directional key in time before the attack ends. Hold it for the hard version.

Down Light – Same as Side Light, let go for the soft, hold it for the hard version.

Neutral Air – For the soft version, hold the opposite key of where you’re facing. If you let go you do the hard version.

Down Air – This one doesn’t have soft or hard versions, instead it just changes which direction you throw your opponent. So hold the direction you want to throw an enemy when doing it.

Edge Guarding

The best way to edge guard with the Scythe is using the Down Light, the hard version of it. It has enough distance to keep you safe as well as hit the enemy when you time and aim it right. Mix it up by dashing and using Neutral Light + Side Air or Recovery if they go up high.


One of the things the Scythe has is its near instant ground pound move. Unlike other weapons where it does a short animation usually downwards and locks you into it, the Scythe doesn’t have that problem. You can easily do a ground pound and jump back up or follow up with something else quickly without waiting for the animation to end.


Source: TrippedUp – YouTube

Side Air + Neutral Air loop – The most common and loop you’ll get with Scythe, almost everyone knows how to use this.

Soft Side Light + Neutral Light + Soft Neutral Air + Hard Down Light – A much more complex combo and takes a bit harder to master.

Congratulations you now know the basics of using the Scythe in Brawlhalla, now go out there and try to play the Scythe! Many thanks to TrippedUp for showing these tips and tricks for this weapon, if you need more information like tips and tricks go check their video out here: So You Want to Main Scythe… | Brawlhalla Scythe Guide, Tips, & Tricks – YouTube

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