Break In 2: Color Coordinated Badge Guide

A guide to the right colors.

Break In 2 Color Coordinated Badge guide
Break In 2 Color Coordinated Badge guide

Solving hidden puzzles and achievements, like the Color Coordinated Badge, in Break In 2 are just some of the fun things to do in the game. This time, we are going to guide you through the game to get the badge. And the badge is just hidden in rooms people might’ve been ignoring all this time!

Credits go to Siong Cool for the solution to the puzzle!

Color Coordinated Badge Guide

Right as you go down the stairs, take the first left door you see into the room with computers. You’ll notice that there are five pairs of computers and four of them have a color attached on top.

To get the badge, your job is to match the computer screens into the color that’s shown above them. It can be different each time you spawn into the game for every player, so below is just an example. The two colors have to be the right combination for the color above each two screens.

Break In 2 Color Coordinated Badge

Except for the one in the middle of the room.

For the pair in the middle, you have to head to the camera TVs and click the one at the center. It will show the color you need to adjust the middle computer to. Once you get it right, all the other computers will lit up green if they’re correct, or red if they’re wrong.

Adjust all of them until they all lit green and the red drawer next to you will unlock. There’s a medkit inside and that’s how you get the Color-Coordinated Badge in Break In 2! You may also want to check this complete beginner’s guide for Sapien in Roblox.

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