Call of Duty MW2: Quickest XP & Weapon XP Method (DMZ / Warzone 2)

1.3 million Dollars in-game money in a second!

There is currently an XP glitch inside Call of Duty MW2 that can get you a ton of levels and XP without you needing to do a whole lot of grinding. It will take just a couple of minutes to learn and Activision cannot patch it properly for years. So strap on your belt, and let’s show you how to do it.

Quickest XP & Weapon XP Method (DMZ / Warzone 2) – Call of Duty MW2

With the money that you can earn by doing this guide and all the XP achieved, you can buy loads of weapons and loads of armor plates in your game. This will be your easy way of obtaining that much-needed and long-forgotten victory game.

All that you will need to do is simply go up to an AI. Make sure that you have a medium or large backpack equipped for you. Then once you’ve gone up to the AI you will kill it or them.

Source – samosh

Make sure that they will drop a weapon with a golden trim around it. When you hover over it it should have gold around it or around its name.

Now, the next step is just dropping some money next to the weapon that is goldened and right under you. It cannot be forward or back, it needs to be on the left or on the right side of the rifle. Once the money is on the sides of it, you shall need to move slowly backward.

Source – samosh

You will keep throwing the money on the ground and moving back until you can no longer see the weapon item showing on the screen. So just like in the screen above.

You will be going back slowly and slowly until you know that you will pick up the gun when pressing F, but the Cash will be showing on the screen. Once you pick up the gun with the Cash showing on the screen, you shall take around 1.000.000 money in a second.

Source – samosh

For some reason, this will give you a lot of money. You could have dropped this money inside the dead drop location but this has been patched and it doesn’t work any longer. The Dead Drop won’t give you this amount of XP anymore.

So instead, you will just need to extract from the map with as much money as possible and you will be getting the max amount of XP too. That’s it!

We hope that this guide has been useful and given you a lot of money as well as XP. A big thank you to Samosh from YouTube for all the info he has provided.

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