Clover Retribution: Frozen Lily Location

There’s so much snow, I can’t see a thing!

Clover Retribution features unique quests that allow players to obtain new content items, by fulfilling certain item requests. This is the case with the new Tundra Cosmetics and items, which are ice-themed and look really cool. Part of these requirements will require you to get the elusive Frozen Lily. This Frozen Lily can be extremely hard to find, even compared to the other types of Lilies.

Nonetheless, the Frozen Lily is an important requirement for the Tundra quests and crafting. In this guide, we will show you the location for where the Frozen Lily spawns. This spawn location is set for Frozen Lilies, meaning you can use it to get multiple ones until your requirements are fulfilled! Let’s dive in and see where we can find the rare Frozen Lily!

Frozen Lily Location

To locate the Frozen Lily, start by going to the Spawn Point in the Unnamed Village. You should be able to see a river next to this area, flowing across a large distance on the map. When you reach the area, start going in the direction of the river indicated below.

River near Spawn Point in Clover Retribution.

Keep following the river in this direction. We highly recommend using the Broom here as you will need to cover quite a bit of distance as you follow the River.

Entering Grasslands Forest area in Clover Retribution.

Eventually, you will see that the Grasslands around you will change into the snowy biome. This is when you will enter the Tundra, which is the frozen area of the map. You will still need to keep following the river here.

Tundra Map Image

However, the river does change direction a bit here. Since it is snowy, it can be very difficult to make out the river. This is why we recommend that you change your POV to first person. Doing so will make it much easier for you to continue following the river.

Following river in Tundra in Clover Retribution.

Eventually, you will reach the end of the river. When you reach this area, continue going straight ahead by climbing up the snowing banks. Follow the level land ahead for a bit.

End of river in Clover Retribution.

After you have walked on level land for a bit, you should be able to make out an ice barrier ahead. This is your cue to turn to the right.

Turning right in Tundra in Clover Retribution.

After turning right, go ahead a bit and you should be able to see a corner of an ice wall. Inside this corner, there is a spawn location for a Frozen Lily. A Frozen Lily always spawns in this exact area. So, we recommend that you do some server hopping until you have enough Frozen Lilies for your crafting.

Since you know where the Frozen Lily is, you can get as many as you want through this method. The server hopping might feel a little hectic, but the rewards are worth it. You can now get the Tundra gear for yourself!

Picking up Frozen Lily in Clover Retribution.

That’s everything you need to know about getting the Frozen Lily in Clover Retribution. A very rare item indeed but now you should be able to get it without much trouble. This Lily is definitely a lot more difficult to get than the other Lilies. Using these Frozen Lilies, you can craft some Tundra gear which is incredibly useful. It also looks really cool!

Do you want to read more about Clover Retribution? Make sure to check out our Ultimate Clover Retribution Wiki for everything you’ll need. It’s brimming with information like NPCs, Locations, Bosses, progression and more!

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