5 Best Games Like Horizon Forbidden West

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Horizon Forbidden West has been released for a few months now and fans of the series might be itching to find a new game like that masterpiece. The Horizon games have always been one of the amazing games that came out in the past few years and they have an amazing mix of great graphics, fun and engaging gameplay as well as a story that keeps your eyes glued to the screen! With tons of games out there it can be difficult to find a great game to play next, so we’ll show you what are the 5 best games that are like Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West: 5 Best Games Like It

Horizon Forbidden West is an Action Role-Playing Game with a massive open world players can explore filled with adventure, quests and stories as well as dangerous enemies. Here are a list of games that fill up those check boxes!

Ghost of Tsushima

Released 2 years after Horizon Zero Dawn and 2 years before Horizon Forbidden West, Ghost of Tsuhima is one of those games that was one of the big reasons to get a Play Station, despite how mythical the machine can be for some people. Since you’ve already played Horizon Forbidden West though, it’s safe to say you have that magical Play Station Box already. The game features an amazing open world, action packed gameplay and a story that keeps you playing, ring any bells?

Far Cry Primal

If you want a more open world game then look no further than Ubisoft, I think it’s by law that they make Open World games these days. Far Cry Primal is a game in the famous Far Cry series but instead of being set in some civil war-torn mountain country or some weird American state, it’s set in Pre-Historic times. You’ve got your bows, throwing spears and hunting animals from small mammals to large wooly mammoths. If you need that open world fix this game is perfect for you.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

If you want to have more story in your open world then look no further than Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, one of the newer ones in the series that’s going more for the RPG feel than the classic Assassin’s Creed games. And what do we have here, it’s also made by Ubisoft so we’ve got the open world guranteed. The game follows a thrilling story of a Viking raider who gets entangled with the century-old conflict between the Assassins and Templars. It’s a great entry point to the series, and an amazing game that can lead to hours of fun.

The Witcher 3

If you want extra story with a side of open world along with nice action gameplay then the Witcher is for you. Blowing up after the success of both the game and the series, this game ticks all the boxes. Story that keeps you glued in, an open world filled with quests, side quests and different kinds of monsters to fight as well as a card game! Okay, maybe the last part wasn’t on the list but hey, it’s addicting!

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

An older game in the list but there’s no denying that this is a classic. It may not have the best graphics since it was released in what some may consider pre-historic times at this point, it still has the amazing gameplay and open world to fall back to. Dragon’s Dogma is still regarded as one of the best RPGs out there in terms of gameplay, from jumping into monsters and stabbing them to dead, or the most flashiest spells you can conjure with magic it’s all here. The story could be better but it’s one filled with the classic tropes that can be great for some people.

Congratulations you now know some of the best games out there to play after finishing Horizon Forbidden West, now go out there and try these games out! All of the games listed will gurantee to give you hours, days and even months of fun and hopefully when you’re done with all of them a new game is ready for you!

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