The Forgotten City: How To Save Iulia & Ulpius

Feed your hero complex by saving these two!

Games like giving us problems that we can’t solve. Fortunately for all of us, all the problems in the Forgotten City can be solved, if only you let characters die at least once or twice… A bit grim, but it is a necessary evil if you want to save everyone. And as a fan of the choice-based games around the world, this indie game manages to nicely combine everything right with its greatest inspiration, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and the other big games of the genre. But enough praise, let’s see how you can save these nice characters.

How To Save Iulia & Ulpius – The Forgotten City

You’ve probably heard about Iulia after talking to the magister. If you haven’t, do. If he tells you about her, you’ll get a pointer that will guide you to her.

If you just want to randomly find her, she’s in the markets, in the first house on the left.

Here is what you do to save Iulia in The Forgotten City:

  1. You will learn from the nurse there that she has been poisoned and needs a rare medicine called “Silphium Resin”, which Desius, a trader, has.

  2. Desius will try to scam you into giving him 1000 denarii for it, which is absurd. If you advance to the bathhouse, something will happen that will break the Golden Rule.

  3. You can then steal the Resin while running to the portal. Give it to Lucretia in your next loop.

Now, you’ve saved Iulia, but she will want you to also save Ulpius, after telling you about their huge debt and suicide pact.

You will get a pointer that will guide you to him. He is at the temple that you can see from everywhere in the Forgotten City.

He is a bit trickier since you have to let him jump and kill himself on your first try. The random pointer that won’t help you right now: listen to the voices and jump after him.

Here is how you convince him to not jump:

  • On your second try, tell him that Iulia is alive and well.
  • Bring up Sentilla, make him think about her.
  • When he starts complaining about his crippling debt, just tell him you’ll pay it and set them free. The debt is 2000 denarii.

If you want to save them every day, don’t forget to stack some denarii, or blackmail Malleolus following this other guide.

And now, you’ve saved them both and they are indebted to you! Or to Galerius if you tell him to do this the next day…

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