Code Vein: Best Build For DLC Dungeons

    These new DLC dungeons can be difficult and tricky to pass and clear. Some of them are extremely hard for characters with around level 100. So it raises the question, is it recommended to keep leveling here to the max?

Let’s see.

Best Build For DLC Dungeons – Code Vain

Making the best build in order to farm some bosses and level up can be really hard and long. You might try out many different variations and still get nowhere. This is something that works for clearing out bosses in a very short while.

Let’s talk about the build now. Your build matters way more than your level. Once you start focusing on your build, and you get it optimized, then 30 seconds for a boss is not bad at all. Still, you will have to learn attack patterns for each boss individually.

Here is a build that will help with defeating bosses.

  • Legion Punished is a good choice because it is available even before you beat the bosses, and if you miss it, still you’ve got an automatic crowd cleaner. Very handy for multiple enemies.
  • When outside the arena, get your buffs on. Stack them all together, and get Jack to mention it so you can get full power from your passives before entering the arena. You can use the element cartridge as the last thing. The final journey is a must too, it won’t kill you if you defeat a boss.
  • This is basically the one-shot build. Once you acquire Steadfast Strike from Lord of Thunder this build becomes key to farming. Just go to Zero District, pop your buffs, and go from a spawned boss to a dead boss in less than 30 seconds. This is a prime way to do the damage challenges on the DLC bosses.

There is 1 more slot in the passives for your choosing. Of Course, there are other builds as well, but this one in my experience does the trick. Good luck!

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