Code Vein: What Is The Recommended Level For DLC Dungeons?

Leveling up is a part of every open-world action RPG game. But sometimes when you think it plays a big part and is required, you might be wrong.

That might be the case for these DLC Dungeons in Code Vein.

What Is The Recommended Level For DLC Dungeons – Code Vein

Imagine yourself. You keep leveling up and try to take on these new DLC Dungeons. You enter them all ready for winning, and then you get your ass kicked. You can even go inside the dungeons with around level 100 and still have a very hard time in front of you.

Even with Yakumo around to take some of the dmg and heat from you, it can still be very hard to clear these dungeons. So that raises the question – should you keep leveling up all the way to the max?

There is a soft cap at level 100 for these Dungeons, so let’s be real, leveling up won’t help that much unless you’re going up by some 20 or 30 levels at a time. I would just say focus on mastering gifts and just dump whatever you have left into levels.

Another thing that a lot of people don’t know about Dungeons, is that they are scaled according to your level. These DLCs are following your level and that is why the difficulty increase can be felt with time.  So that is why I would say Game Knowledge and Skills are way more important to focus on than leveling up if you are already at level 100.

Only DLCs are scaled for your current NG cycle +1. The regular depths are set to the current NG cycle which raises difficulty up to +6 NG, which is the highest cycle.

That’s why I recommend taking a better look for your gear before you take on these dungeons than your level. Good luck!

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