Code Vein: Best Caster Build 2022

Code Vein has a lot of builds and way to tweak your gameplay in order to reach that maximum performance peak. For the Caster build, it is clear that it is the Dark Mage class and style.

Here is the best caster build in my opinion.

Best Caster Build 2022 – Code Vein

A pure caster is the Dark Mage build. Dark Mages rely purely on having a very high Inchor count and are using strong Dark Gifts to range enemies from a distance away. Different kinds of enemies have different kinds of resistances, so that is why Dark Mages must change the Gifts when needed – making them very flexible.

Let’s go over some Codes, Blood veils, Weapons, and Gifts in order to make your best caster build:

1. Blood Codes

  • Caster – I mean it is pretty self-explanatory. You can not make a caster with this. This will be the first Blood Code as it gives Inchor around 30 and B+ Scaling in Willpower. Willpower as we know increases the Dark Gift damage, so it is highly required. It is for the early game, so you will swap it out as soon as you get Artemis.
  • Artemis – This is the first upgrade you will need. Features extremely good Willpower scaling at A, raising your Dark Gift damage even higher. You’ll notice the damage increase in a heartbeat. Your HP, Stamina, and Balance are also increased. Keep this until you unlock Harmonia
  • Harmonia – The best casting blood code in the game. Passive gives S+ in Willpower and in addition, it contains the active gift Supernatural Blood which allows you to cast spells in a millisecond if needed.

2. Blood Veils

Make sure you find the ones that give a higher overall Dark Gift value. This scales the Willpower stat increasing the damage done over time. Some good choices:

  • Blackblood Liberator – more defense
  • Suicide Spur – more damage

Always prioritize Blood Veils for upgrading because it will increase the overall damage of your Dark Gifts. You need to upgrade as much as you can in order to make that badass one-shot kill.

3. Weapons

This is tricky, especially early on. Playing as a caster means that you won’t have Dexterity or Strength to be able to use a lot of weapons. You will have to use One-Handed Swords and Bayonets unless you use passive skills to boost the previous stats.

It doesn’t play a big role but still this one is important:

  • Devour version – this will make help you out with Ichor return when attacking on rare occasions.

Also, there are other late-game weapons that might suit you. Look for the ones that increase and scale with Willpower.

4. Gifts

You will need to master these in order to make full use of them. After mastering they will be both passive and active Gifts and will help out with your Caster build. You can only have 4 passive gifts, and 8 active.


  • Strength/Dexterity Up – use for getting stronger weapons. Change the late game with better passives
  • Vow of Ichor – increases max Ichor by 6, small hp reduction
  • Max Ichor Boost – increases max Ichor by 4
  • Strength/Willpower Up – a passive that increases spell damage
  • Dexterity/Willpower Up – boosts melee and spell damage
  • One-Handed Sword Mastery – boost melee damage. Change the late game with better passive


  • Blood Shot – very big range, very small cast time. Costs only 2 Ichor
  • Blood Sacrifice – the best gift for any Caster build. Conuse hp to get Ichor so you won’t need to melee. This allows you to play as a pure Caster.
  • Volatile Storm – very big AoE damage over time

Casters can be hard to play in early game and you might die a lot. But with time you will see that you can overpower most of your enemies in the late game. Good luck and enjoy casting your enemies into the afterlife!

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