Code Vein: Invading Executioner Boss Guide | Mermaid Stripper Boss

Bosses in Code Vein are all different and require different kinds of approaches and skills. The executioner is one of them. You can take a couple of tries and come up with a solution to kill her by yourself, or just follow this one which is sure to succeed.

Well, let’s go and invade this Stripper together.

Mermaid Stripper Boss – Code Vein: Invading Executioner Boss Guide

1. Phase 1

For this one, the easiest way to kill her it to use the Casters Blood Coat:

  • Blazing Roar – it hits with tons of damage, and it can really take a big chunk out from her hp in a simple strike
  • It is hard to stay near her because it is hard to dodge her attacks so you shall take a lot of unnecessary dmg
  • Bayonet – offers quick mobility which is key to damaging her, and then jumping away from her attacks

Strategy is to attack her with Blazing Roar until she attacks. Then dodge into her, and strike her twice, and back to dodging away. Then repeat this cycle.

Quick mobility will allow you to evade unscathed most of the time. Hitting her will allow you to replenish your Icher which you need to cast spells.

If you see the range AoE attack is on its way, make sure to wait a second before heading towards her to strike again.

The Vertical Sweep, where she holds on the weapon and sends waves of attacks, is pretty dangerous. You will need to dodge them jumping left and right.

When she rushes in to hit through you, just dodge downward and she won’t do any damage to you at all.

2. Phase 2

In this phase, the big thing is backing away and dodging her waterballs. Then you need to dodge her attacks. I mean by this, you will notice which way she is about to swing at, and just dodge it downward or sideways to avoid it.

These attacks in Phase 2 hit much stronger and deal much more dmg. She slides much more often, so make sure to time your attacks just right, otherwise she will counter them.

When she falls on her knees, this is when you have time to strike her 3 times with your weapon to get your Icher up.

Just watch out for the same familiar attacks like in Phase 1, and dodge them as mentioned before. 

Should be pretty simple and straightforward once you learn these basic steps. Good luck invading her and enjoy her loot!

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