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Collection Of Dragons & Snakes – Genshin Impact

Let all lost books be found for our friend ghost!

The Collection of Dragons and Snakes is a World Quest in the new Enkanomiya Islands. Completing this quest will give you Primogems and Mora and unlock the achievement called “If Tokoyo Ookami Knew of This”.

5 Lost Books Location — Genshin Impact

The first thing you should do to begin the quest is to go to the Narrows and talk to a ghost called Ema. She is inside the abandoned building on Narrow Island. You can find Ema on the second floor.

Afterwards, you will need to get 5 books to complete the quest.

  • The first book is simple, just go to Yae Publishing and talk to Kuroda. You can purchase the Serpent and Drakes of Tokoyokoku here for 1500 Mora.

Now go to the eastern islet in the Narrows as shown above. Use the teleport portal here and complete the Tricolor File Quest.

Talk to Michiya and head to the quest area to start. You will need a Cryo, Hydro, and Electro character to unlock the gates.

  • Investigate the rooms and you will get the Experimental files and the second book for the quest.
  • Next, go to the Evernight Temple and complete the Date’s Challenge. Once you complete the challenge, you can find the third book in the secret room.
  • Teleport to the southwestern part of Dainichi Mikoshi and do the Antigonus Quest by talking to the ghost suspects. You will get the fourth book, the “Sun and Moon” after completing the quest.

Go back to Ema to complete the questline!

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