Contraband Police: Are Bribes Worth It?

You seem to have dropped some money into my pockets!

Contraband Police is a game where you play as a border guard inspector for a communist country. It’s like Paper’s Please but more hands-on, and a bit more 3D. Of course since this is a Communist country we’re talking about, there’s a lot of things that are illegal, we can’t have capitalism seep into our motherland right? That’s why it’s up to you to inspect everyone for contraband, though since this is a communist country as well we can afford to be a bit corrupt. You can take bribes in this game, which I’d like to call redistributing wealth to my pockets, but is it worth it?

Are Bribes Worth It? | Contraband Police

In Contraband Police you’re there to stop illegal contraband from passing the border. Simple right? Well not really, since you also need some cash on you as well, and the state isn’t really paying you that much. So how can a common border guard like you get enough money to survive and thrive? Well one way is to get bribes from those who don’t want any trouble with their deliveries.

Still, if you take a bribe you can get caught, and usually you’ll be fined much higher than what you take as a bribe which is for game balance, usually the real world isn’t like this. In fact you probably will just get a slap on the wrist.

Is it worth taking bribes though? Well it depends, it’s good for quick cash but it’s up to RNG. If you’re lucky taking bribes can be great, or you can also get caught 5 times in a row. It all depends on your luck but if you don’t want to take your chances just go with the other ways of getting cash, like hidden treasure!

So it’s all up to you comrade if you want to take bribes, just don’t get caught!

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