Deep Rock Galactic: Barrel Kicker Trophy Guide

Amp up that barrel kicking by shooting it in a ring of fire!

You can never get bored at the Spacerig in Deep Rock Galactic. After all, there are dozens of barrels in the area that you can kick around! But did you know that you can kick a barrel into a smoldering ring of fire and get points for it?

How to Get Barrel Kicker Trophy— Deep Rock Galactic

To start, go to your Spacerig and head towards the Abyss Bar. To the right of the Abyss bar, you will see a small set of stairs that lead to a platform. The platform has a yellow barrel on top of it and a scoreboard in front.

You will see a moving ring with fire in between the barrel and the scoreboard.

All you need to do is kick the yellow barrel into the ring 10 times in a row to get the Barrel Kicker Trophy.

Keep in mind that there are times when the ring will speed up, making it more challenging to kick the barrel.  Wait for the ring to slow down and then kick the barrel to shoot it in successfully.

And there you have it, shoot it all and be a certified Barrel Kicker!

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